DuvetSister said 6 years, 1 month ago:

Hello everyone reading this.
Just briefly give you my background. I am a college student doing psychology and sociology and I only go in to college twice a week. The rest of the week I spend at home, trying to do my work, run errands or fix myself things to eat.

So what is the problem?? The problem is that when I go in to college, or just out in general (hence why I’ve taken to spending so much time on my own) I just shrink in to the background and I have such difficulty participating in the social world. And I even find it difficult to formulate my words in to a sentence, and I feel like if ever I do have anything to say its poorly received or I’m not directing it at anyone particular (mostly because I can’t look at anyone straight in the face for fear of what they’ll think of me)

Often I feel like a fraud. Cos I sort of lay on a façade to cover my feelings of inadequacy and being outcast. Sometimes it feels like I don’t have any real relationships with people.

So what do I do to solve my problems, well I look for a way to make a get away and I quickly get home and get comfy in my pjs so that I am free from the social pressures.

I am just depressed because it doesn’t feel like things will ever change. And I might end up being on my own forever. Or that I will have to pretend to be a ok so that I will be sort of accepted by people. Like know one knows the extent of this problem. They only know that I complain about things that are socially acceptable to complain about.

Anyone offer any support for me and for others like me? Or even just get a discussion going about this subject. No one should have to feel alone!!

Silent Rain said 6 years, 1 month ago:

I know what it’s like, so you’re definitely not alone. I can relate to getting into your pj’s fast. Pj’s feel comfortable. It might be helpful for you to seek help to work on this step by step.

DuvetSister said 6 years, 1 month ago:

Yea the world freaks me out and at home in my Pjs, there’s no threats to my well-being. Except the risk of doing nothing is always greater than doing something… right!!?
I will have to search for the access to the right kind of help………..
Thanks for your reply.