beachsunset said 5 years, 10 months ago:

My Mom suffers from bipolar. She recently was so manic that retirement home and I had to admit her to a psych ward. She was there 25 days. She has been discharged and back at the home for about a week. Starting today, the nurse there has noticed some of the same mania signs that got her admitted last time. I’m trying to understand what she is going through. If you are bipolar or can explain to me what it feels like to be manic, I would really appreciate it.

Beautiful Mess said 5 years, 10 months ago:

Being bi-polar is a roller coaster for everyone involved. It’s utter confusion for those witnessing episodes and complete frustration for those experiencing it. I have days where my emotions areike a faulty circuit breaker- they switch on and off. I don’t understand why I react the way I do and I’m frustrated because it doesn’t make sense and it alienates those around me. My family has to live on edge during my episodes and. It’s not fair to them. I know one thing though: when I’m going through a mood swing, AT THAT PRECISE MOMENT I feel justified for reacting/acting the way I do. Once my outburst has happened, I feel guilty almost immediately and wonder why I did that. Then my emotions cycle to a different emotion, sometimes because of the frustration with my previous outburst. At the end of it all, I get tired of it all and want it to stop, so cycle to a mood of nonchalance or happiness in hopes of moving on.

It’s a constant battle, a constant feelings of insanity as I have to actively talk to myself and down from the edge… It’s a snowball affect- only there’s no snow anyone else can see…

Lyrical Sister said 5 years, 7 months ago:

I think one of the biggest things about bipolar, especially bipolar mania, is that it can vary GREATLY from person to person. You probably need to get to know what *your* mother’s mania is like for her, because it may be nothing like mine or the next person with bipolar.

I also strongly STRONGLY recommend getting a couple issues of Bipolar Magazine. When I first started to deal with my diagnosis, that’s where I started to learn. Here’s a link…