Tabbi said 9 years, 6 months ago:

So I’ve literally JUST been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I was misdiagnosed with Depression before but now my therapist and psychiatrist are saying it’s Bipolar as well. I’m trying to do some research on it, but otherwise I don’t really know what to expect or change in my lifestyle or anything like that. Can anyone help and give me some info on what I can expect living with Bipolar? FYI I’m a 20 year old female, tomorrow I will be seeing my psychiatrist in order to see what meds I will be placed on…

Deleted User said 9 years, 6 months ago:

There are several classifications of bipolar. If you are interested in understanding your condition I would start by having you doctor tell you which type they believe you have. There are subtle differences as defined by the DSM-IV.

Tabbi said 9 years, 6 months ago:

My Psych should give me a few more details tomorrow

Deleted User said 9 years, 6 months ago:

I have a relative who has bi-polar disorder and mental illness has touched many people in my family. It can be genetic or caused/made worse by past or current stress. Something in your diet may be making things worse. Food coloring, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs of any kind etc. allergies of any kind. It would be good to keep a journal and keep track of anything unique that happened for a few days before when you either go up or down. Track what you are eating and how much exercise you are getting. Your doctor should be able to guide you to some good books or websites and support groups to help you.

katiemaire816 said 9 years, 3 months ago:

I’m bipolar and I don’t have the most positive psychiatrist. She pretty much tells me that I’m never going to be ok no matter what medications I’m on and no matter what I do. I’ve tried killing myself three times this year and things got really bad for a while (I tend to get extremely happy and excited about life and can’t wait for stuff to becoming so sad I literally can’t get out of bed). I’ve learned to deal with the disorder as much as I think anyone can. Anyone and everyone is welcome to message me if they want to talk about it.

Sea king said 9 years ago:

My boyfriend has bi-polar disorder. I don’t feel confortable to talk about our relationship or him here, but I really need some advice to help him around depressive or maniac state. I feel helpless because he simply disapears and I don’t know if I’m annoying him with my messages or if I should keep saying that I’m there for him. My big question is: Do I give him time to deal with it by himself or is there anything I can do for him?

ashleynicolefs said 9 years ago:

I’m seventeen I have had bipolar type 2 for the past four years now. I too was misdiagnosed at first. The thing that you really have to understand is that this wont go away. You also have to remind yourself that some of the awful thoughts that come with it aren’t (for the most part) true. I’ve really struggled with it, but you can learn how to deal with it. However, I still have really bad episodes that I can’t control. I used to think that if I were to take medication that it would make me weak. I thought that I was strong enough to deal with it on my own. I’m sure I am, but it’s not worth it. Make sure that you really take care of yourself. To be honest, your life won’t change. Chances are you’ve had it for a while but you haven’t noticed it. Nothing will change. You will be the same person who, if anything, might need a little more love than usual :)

Vickie said 9 years ago:

I have Aspergers which Chronic Depression and Bi-polar disorder have accompanied it. One, take the medication, take the medication, take the medication. There is nothing wrong or negative about taking medication that is going to help you. I have mellowed out considerably due to the medication I take. Two, find a GOOD therapist. The wrong therapist will mess your mind all the way up. Find a therapist that will be in your corner. It makes a world of difference; I know because I regularly go to therapy and she is a great person who lets me know that I can contact her at any time. Thirdly, know that stress is going to affect you differently than it would with someone who doesn’t have bi-polar disorder. If you feel like you’re becoming depressed and manic, you have to try and catch yourself. Lastly, know that this isn’t easy and it’s not going to go away BUT you can deal with this.

Fraffee said 9 years ago:

I know some people who are bi-polar and so I can give you some advice. 1. Be careful when making life decisions. There are some people with this condition that suddenly quit jobs because of the manic episodes. There are some who make really rash decisions without thinking during the manic episodes too. So be careful with the decisions you make. 2. Watch your diet because this condition is a chemical imbalance and what you eat can affect your mood and can cause you to swing from one episode to another. 3. Take medicine recommended by a good neurologist. 4. Get support from family. :) You’re going to be fine :)

Zilphy said 8 years, 11 months ago:

I was diagnosed with bipolar type 2 about a year ago. I also was misdiagnosed at first, but the new diagnosis did not change how I felt at all. But it did change how I was treated. Finding the correct treatment for any disorder is very beneficial. ALWAYS take the medication! Going off the medication is dangerous! I’ve done it…makes things worse than they were before. ALWAYS always always take the medication as prescribed and don’t stop unless your psychiatrist says you can. It is true that bipolar is harder to treat, and the medications prescribed don’t “fix” it but stabilize your moods and can help with irrational thinking. And it is highly recommended you see a psychologist as well as a psychiatrist when taking medications. That is by far the most effective treatment. I hope this was helpful and everything works out for you! :)

Katelynn said 8 years, 11 months ago:

I just finished a Psychology class in college and we were taught that a individual that has bipolar disorder will have a lot of ups in downs (obviously) but one week or two they may feel really depressed and then the next week its like a constant euphoric feeling. That is what I was taught, though I personally have never experienced it or been around anyone that has.