Red Sheep said 3 years ago:

I hope I’m not out of place or a bit excessive with the title or with this question.. I’ve always been curious of people with this disorder, although I’ve never met one I guess, so I’ve been thinking a lot about of something that I would really like to ask.

Pardon me again if this question is exaggerated, I really don’t wish to offend anyone.
Here’s my request: does your personalities shape the original one? For example, the original is messy and likes a certain type of music. Personality 1 (let’s call it like this, the number should be replaced with the name you wish) is tidy and clean, and likes a different type of music. Although the original gets often messy, sometimes he start cleaning up out of habit, it became something that makes him feel good, a trait that he might have taken from the other personality. Same thing with the music, he starts to listen to other music, and kind of enjoy it.

If the answer is yes, is there a way to preserve your original personality? I have the feeling that many personalities can somehow influence one another, so they kind of change together, buut since I’m not really an expert I leave it to you. Thanks in advance! :D