Kelly Pye said 7 years ago:

Would you get back either your ex if you had the chance to ?

Lee said 7 years ago:

it would depend on the reason for the break up, some things are unforgivable

SuddenPixel said 7 years ago:

Not all of them, but one in particular I let go of because I was afraid to tell the world I was Bisexual and attracted to him… i later realized that I loved him and I wish he still loved me. I wish I wasn’t so cowardice and maybe I could still be with him.

Mr. Milquetoast said 7 years ago:

Nope, none of them. Better off without them, they’re better off without me and we’re all different people now anyway.

Kelly Pye said 7 years ago:

Wow I can tell everyone is different this is so amazing I love all of y’all opinion makes me smile when I hear new sides

UserA said 7 years ago:

I said I would never get back together with him, but we did get back together and we’re still together.

Kelly Pye said 7 years ago:

True that happen to me too but some ppl have them strong feelings for there ex n just had to go with them again cus they mean a lot in someway said 7 years ago:

I had only one “serious” relationship, and the answer is clearly no. It was very abusive, she tried to change me for her little comfort, she was jealous, controlling, tried to cut me away from my friends and my mother, she wouldn’t touch me anymore after I had top surgery, she prevented me from persuing my passions, was nearly a compulsive buyer, had violent outburst sometimes… and threatened to kill herself if I left her.

Really not the wife I wish to anyone. I should have left her from the start. But the past can’t be rewritten so I just hope her next partner has solid nerves and a solid temper.