Ben said 6 years, 8 months ago:

I’m not too sure how far, but shes moving away. I love my girlfriend so much, and it hurts me to know shes moving in the spring. she’ll be at-least 30 minute drive away. At the most an hour and a half. I’m only fifteen so this is kinda long-distance to me since i dont have a drivers license or a car. Any advice? Should we stay together? I feel like she is the one :)

simply me said 6 years, 8 months ago:

Well I am almost 20 I have strict parents my Fiance is in the Marines so he travels alot Im from Cali and he was in North Carolina didnt see him for 4 months then he got stationed 6 hours away from me he comes down but I have strict rules it works out its easy ! i mean just keep talking dont get to strict on her!

Sutton Matz said 6 years, 7 months ago:

There is no distance too far! An hour and a half drive really isn’t too bad, that’s a day trip! You can totally make that work. If your love is strong and you have faith, then you can take advantage of every little bit of time you can have with her(even if it means a little bit of a drive)
I say go for it!