erin said 7 years ago:

Hi! I’m probably not the most ideal person, but just read through this, okay? I know the going gets rough, and it’s so easy for people to become so salty and get hissy when other people talk about themselves or ask for advice, and I know that more times than a lot of people would like to admit, the going only feels rougher the more time goes on. Everything starts to hurt a little more.

But.. Nobody is alone. I know, it might feel like it right now. It might feel like everyone in the entire world doesn’t understand or mentally comprehend you, or have half the heart to give you the consideration you need. It might feel like everyone you’ve ever known or loved kept going on, accepting the game of life as it is when you just want to take half a second to yourself to truly enjoy things, only to end up a mile behind them.

I know that there’s a lot of insolent people in this world who don’t understand or don’t even want to try to understand you, or your story, where you come from, or to help you shoulder the burden of whatever is going on in your life. Take my word for it, no one is alone. Even if you have to just take a chance and be the first to say hi when anxiety is eating away at your stomach, telling you not to- or even when you have to be the one who listens first before whomever your to-be-friend is ends listening and loving you for who you are and all that defines you.

It’s never easy to feel alone. There’s a community here full of love, and compassion, and.. If you’re me, bad puns. If you ever need someone to listen, no matter what time, you can talk to me, if not someone else in the community.
Skype: totallynoterin
Kik: totallynoterin_
And of course, when in doubt, you can contact me through blahtherapy. No one is alone. Trust me.

Chaplin said 7 years ago:

Great advice, thank you for sharing Erin.