Tom said 5 years, 9 months ago:

Hi, I was just wondering if someone would read this and help and offer your opinion on it. I’m 20 years old and from the UK.

My Dad died in 2012. My parents were divorced and my Dad had remarried. Before my Dad died, he and my Stepmum were trying for a baby through IVF. A few days after my Dad died, my Stepmum became pregnant with my Sister (She was born in March 2013).

Whilst this was going on my Dads will and testament was being sorted out. My mum feels like I got an unfair deal in comparison with my Stepmum and so she was pushing me into going to solicitors. Although I eventually decided I didn’t want to do anything, I now don’t know who I can trust in my family. And my mum and my stepmum both hate each other. My Stepmum has since got cancer, so that has been another massive blow that has hit me.

My Gran also died last February. She was the reason I went to university, despite not wanting to go myself. After she died, I struggled to motivate myself for university and as a result I failed my first year. I haven’t been going to University since September, but my family all think I am going and I am ashamed to tell them that I have failed and have been kicked out.

I am telling them tomorrow, so I was just wondering if you guys have any advice? Thanks for reading all this.

realchitina said 5 years, 8 months ago:

I know it’s been a long time since this, but can you tell me how it went? I’m currently in the same position. I got kicked out of university and was readmitted but they took away my financial aid and my parents think I’m still going to school while this whole time I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix this and lying to them is killing me. It’s really taking a toll on me and the stress of it all is agonizing.

Junels said 5 years, 8 months ago:

I am sorry no one answered this, I guess your found an answer to your question but if you were willing to talk more about all this, feel free to message me.