unknown said 8 years ago:

What are some things people do that makes you mad?

Kindrel said 8 years ago:

*Treat women like objects
*Hurt other people intentionally
*Treat others condescendingly
*Treat me as if I’m insane
*Treat me unfairly
*Ignore me, shun me, shame me

–that is my list. :)

unknown said 8 years ago:

my favorite it when somebody call somebody out for feeding but they also feed as well LOL.

JellyBoot said 7 years, 8 months ago:

hahaha people are so silly. I usually play varus, and people yell at me all the time because they assume I’m going to do certain things..and they don’t tell me what they’re planning on doing. So they end up dying and it’s my fault. lol

Suksor said 7 years, 8 months ago:

I really hate when people are surrendering before game even started. “GG surr at 20″ just love it. Once we had super late game team (Malph, Yasuo, Vi, Annie, Cait) and Cait started raging, went afk, Annie followed and Malph too.