CraftyCatLady said 6 years, 2 months ago:

Hey guys!

Most of the people I know seem to be extroverts and I often get a feeling that they have no clue whatsoever that not everyone is an extrovert… For example, I live with my dad, who is an extreme extrovert and he keeps nagging about how I should get out more.. (Even though I’m 23, he seems to believe that I’m still a five-year-old.)

How do you handle all the people who don’t seem to understand introversion?

Ellie said 6 years, 1 month ago:

I am an introvert as well and I have both introverts and extroverts as friends. What you have to do is sit down and talk to them about you being an introvert and explain to them what it means -because most people confuse it with being antisocial or shy-.
Tell them you like being around your friends and value their company, but most of the time you prefer to spend quiet time with yourself, getting some rest, doing the activities you love. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Make the same talk with your dad, and tell him that you know he loves you and wants what’s best for you, but at this case, he doesn’t really know what that is. Explain to him that being an introvert or an extrovert has to do with the energy someone gets from being alone versus being in a group. Extroverts get energized by being around people, while social activity, on the other hand, can exhaust introverts.
Let him into your world, be patient with him and take your time describing your thoughts and feelings. And I’m sure that sooner or later he’ll understand and he will certainly feel more relieved that you’re doing ok. Good luck!

Deleted User said 6 years ago:

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Dan said 6 years ago:

Introversion :3
well honestly the best thing you can do to make them understand is by giving them a very easy definition of what the terms mean and how they differ.
Introverts gain energy from solitude and recharge their batteries by spending time alone, whereas extraverts gain energy from social interaction and recharge their batteries by talking to people and socialising by other means.
Generally when an introvert socialises for too long, they feel drained, tired and unhappy, and when an extravert is left alone for too long, they become drained, tired and unhappy. Its similar to two brands of batteries that work in opposite ways :) and lose energy in opposite ways :P .
Of course you’ll need to explain that no one is 100% introverted or extraverted, we all vary on a scale and these are two very general terms given to people that fall in one of the two spectrums
Some people are even ambiverts ( a generous mix of the two ) :P in the middle. Sorry- long answer xD

Deleted User said 5 years, 7 months ago:

Usually I attempt as best I can to say that I need time to myself and that, that is the way I recharge my batteries. Some people don’t understand, and some people wont. I take time by myself anyway, after all we just are who we are. People need to learn to accept introverts as they are, it doesn’t make us any less important we are just different.