awesomefreak said 11 years ago:

Anyone else ever been in love with an heterosexual friend?
Cause I have and it sucks because they will never see you back the way you see them.

Kirstin Lopez said 11 years ago:

Sadly can happen with any crush, regardless of sexual orientation. I don’t think I’ve ever had any serious feelings for a heterosexual friend, but little thoughts here and there. I’ve always thought it would be much better to have that wonderful friend than complicate it with silly things like relationships. I’m glad you have someone that brings out intense positive feelings at all and hopefully it wont turn into anything messy!

Natalie Marie said 11 years ago:

been there. never ends well.
but truth or dare gets fun ;)

Jeremy said 10 years, 12 months ago:

Been there. It sucks, so very much. Makes you feel… small. Invisible. Alone. Least it did for me.

Deleted User said 10 years, 11 months ago:

Omg yes. And yet I feel Uuugh nooo because it sucks! In sixth grade I had classes with this girl named Brandee. I was envious of her because she was gorgeous and smart, and all the guys noticed her while I was the awko taco in the corner wearing 2x too huge hand-me-downs. After awhile, I stopped disliking her and realized, I actually kind of liked her. And then it sucked because I knew she was straight and even if she wasn’t I would never have had a chance with her.
It’s one thing having a 50% chance with a girl you like, and another thing altogether when she’s straight because the chances are 0. It just smacks you in the face. Sob