Princen said 9 years, 10 months ago:

I want to tell my family I’m non-binary, but I’m terrible with confrontations and I just get all flustered and my mind goes blank so….I think I’m gonna write a really long email and put a bunch of links to resources in it and send it to a few, close people, then see what their reactions are, then send it to literally everyone (I want to do it all at once so I don’t have to come out over and over and over bluh).

I think this’ll help since it’s something almost no one in my life has even heard of, plus it’ll give people time to process stuff in private and think about what they want to say first.

I’m not sure how to word it though to get people to take me seriously (why do I have to prove myself to get treated like a person god dammit?!) because in my mind it’s like, “I’m kinda gender fluid, but I have manly leanings a lot, but when I think deeply about gender I just come up with “meh”, and I have chest dysphoria, and social dysphoria in some instances, and some more dysphoria on top of that, and my gender presentation changes a lot, so be prepared to see body hair and dresses and suits and nerdy tshirts and nail polish in different combinations and consistencies, and sometimes I’m 100% dude in a dress and that’s awesome, and my favorite and most consistent way to describe myself is “pretty boy”, and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, and my pronouns change bi-weekly, and you just have to accept that because this is who I am and I know it’s not the norm but not being me and not being truthful about who I am REALLY HURTS ME like anxiety and depression and shit, so I want to be proud of myself because I am a hella rad human being just like everyone else and you have to accept that”.
Hahaha even though that’s probably the closest I can get to describing my gender, I don’t think that’s very comprehendible to the average cisgender person (or anyone really, even me. I don’t understand my own gender)
Maybe I could make that clear? I don’t really get gender, probably never will, but I know who I am, and what makes me happy, so be kind and patient and support me?
Wowee that ended up long sorry. So I don’t know any thoughts, ideas, etc.? Any other non-binary trans* people wanna share there experience?

desi said 9 years, 10 months ago:

that would be good writing a note to eeryone good job :) and you sound supper cool and that is ok to express ur self :) you should be proud of who u r the only one who has to care what u look like is you no one else