Tiger Rose said 7 years, 3 months ago:

I ended up dropping out of highschool when i was a freshman because my dad started doing drugs and my mental state of mind started going down hill fast. None of my friends care enough to even talk to me about it, and my family hates me and support my dads drug habbits. I never leave my house and im extremely physically unhealthy from my dad being irrisponible. i keep so many unspeakable things to myself, and i dont have anyone there for me. theres no opportunities for me to even make friends I feel like i dont even have a personality anymore.

SJayJay said 7 years, 3 months ago:

why would they support drug habits :( (( I’m sorry that this is happening to you. If you want to chat just pm me

mariko said 7 years, 3 months ago:

@tigerrose420 truly sad your family supports your dad on that….100% ridiculous…
However about the friends, I don’t think it’s about not caring really. I’m pretty sure they want to help but they aren’t sure how, you know?
And if it helps you can make friends here. it’s not the same as an actual friend where you live but at least you can vent and have someone to talk to. I’ll gladly become your friend :)
I’m sending you a huge hug from where I live, I honestly wish you the best darling. And like I said, if you need a friend, I’m right here