Kat said 6 years ago:

I feel like I have no purpose. Even when I am having fun I crash and am plunged into a pit of despair right after. I feel like I could kill myself and the world, my family, and friends wouldn’t be affected in the least. I have nothing to contribute to the world. I don’t even know if I am right about this, but it seems like the most probable. I have no idea who I am or who does if anyone. Sorry that this post turned out so pointless.

xerxezx said 6 years ago:

this is kind of poetic

Marietta said 6 years ago:

hey! I have a similar problem, I thought that i totally lost my purpose on life (that was being a fashion designer) thought I had all the answers to the questions I posed the universe and suddenly I started to change questions (is a phrase a little cliché, but it was so). Try new things, things that you had never done and believe me you will find the disapproval of some people that you love so much (friends, family) but only you have to care for you and you will begin to meet new people in your way.

Red Sheep said 6 years ago:

Life is a lie. Whenever I have nothing else to do but to think, I feel the same. And I hate it because when my head is full of lots of things to do, I’m too lazy to react at something. And when I realize it, I feel like what I’ve been doing up until now is wrong, or is not something mine, but decided by others. I’m aware that I took these decisions by myself, but still, I feel like I trusted the wrong, I’m in the wrong, or maybe, in one of the multiple sides of this earth. That’s why, at the end of all of these thinking, I end up saying “life is a lie”. But you know what? I can struggle how much I want to try to create something true for me, to try to not be just one of the drops of this ocean, but.. Hell no. We live only once, as long as we know, I won’t waste this time to feel like this. I won’t stop thinking as well, but in the meantime, I’ll just have fun and do what I want and what I feel to do.

benduggan said 5 years, 9 months ago:

I feel like not much I do really matters much, this is why my general motivation in life is low. The best thing to do is find a few meaningless things you really enjoy in life, though I can’t say I really have many of those and I’m not getting any younger.

Yuki said 5 years, 7 months ago:

I can relate. Right now it feels like all i do is waste space and create problems. Whats the point in living in a broken world with broken people who cant put up with other people?