Leanpail said 8 years ago:

venters disconnect after knowing my gender and country and kinda hurts…

dav_zhou said 8 years ago:

i totally understand after trying to help like two people after discovering this site instant “m/f” and after answering they disconnect

Sami said 8 years ago:

Same, I was on a chat and we were helping each other. The person asked my gender and when I replied, asked for my number… Not what this site is for :(

rinseandrep said 8 years ago:

It helps to keep in mind that for a male listener, in my experience, it takes an average of about 5 tries to get a venter who stays, and you will always find one eventually. so, relax.

@vishnu-b Can you give us some examples of how you start your chats? Because in my experience, my country is an extremely rare topic. If you are the one mentioning it, maybe stop mentioning it unless you are asked explicitly.

friendlyfish said 8 years ago:

Oh! Don’t take it personally, bud! :)

They probably wanted someone with a similar experience that can also understand what they’re going through right now (even though experiences aren’t all the same) ^^

Jess said 8 years ago:

As others have said, don’t take it personally. It’s not a reflection of how that person feels about you or how good your advice is. People often want people who have actually experience the same thing, older, younger, same gender, different.. Everyone wants something different.

For example, a 17 year old logs on looking for advice on leaving high school and further education/ employment. Do you think they would rather talk to a 20-something year old who has finished high school and started continuing their life or a 15 year old still in school and likely unemployed?

We, as Listeners, do not have all the answers. We haven’t experienced everything (something we should be thankful for because some people come on here with some real troubling experiences) and we have to accept that there are better people more qualified to give advice on certain issues- and that’s totally okay. We’re only human, and we have no special training.

Leanpail said 8 years ago:

Thanks a lot everyone… That really helped… :)