Deleted User said 8 years ago:

I’m twenty-four and currently stuck at home because I am recovering from a shoulder surgery. I consider myself a person in progress, because life isn’t really going my way and I’m letting it best me.

Right now I’m at a low point with my depression. The last time I was like this I was able to dig myself out by focusing on self betterment but my injury doesn’t really allow me to do most of the things I enjoy or go out and socialize.

Despite this I try not to be self centered and normally participate as a listener. I’m looking for social support right now so send me a message if you’d like to talk sometime.

Musical Loventic said 8 years ago:

I’m up for a good chat. I’m 23 and currently going through what I will describe simply as a rough patch and am basically trying to reassess my life and get myself out of the rut I seem to have fallen into…so far I’m failing. I’m happy to listen and try to help anyone to better themselves and hopefully get some ideas on how I can do the same. :D