screams said 8 years, 9 months ago:

if i would personally be honest . My opinion about myself is very ugly and unlikeable, the lack of self is driven me sick and in my deepest heart , i sometimes wished i should have not born this way. its also a misfortune that i’m too afraid to handle people’s criticism , although i know that no matter how good a person is , there’ll be always someone who hate him .

Handling criticism is very worrisome and frightening for me , i cant never listen to any criticisms , neither it’s a good criticism or a bad criticism. whenever i heard people criticizing me , i will contradictory show my disagreements and suddenly turn to be very unwelcome to those people. thus i’m always carefully in doing almost everything because i know when i feel threatened i cant control myself and i might hurt other people. so i’d rather not make any mistake to avoid getting criticized.

my opinion about myself is considered as ”ugly” for me , i have never felt comfortable being me . always there’s an anxiety about people’s opinions. i’m always be anxious and so i feel like people always trying to get away from me after they know that i’m not good enough for them . so I’ve never hoped that anyone would ever stay long in my life .

i know people change every time , at every single second they can probably be someone else .i have a new friend and i feel like we’re match but sometimes because of my anxiety , i cant never get into the groups , i know joining an existing groups of friends need many struggles ,i think i’ve struggled but always there’s a stopper when someone in the group dont want to get new member . well , maybe i was born to be alone .

Gleb said 8 years, 1 month ago:

You should learn accepting criticism. If it comes from the right people and the right way, it can help you grow as a person. Try making the switch in your brain to try and accept it a bit. And don’t worry if it takes time.

mariko said 8 years, 1 month ago:

@screams people critize all the time. Even you critize something right? Everyone does it. However positive criticism can be really good because it comes from nice people and that you should think about. Now negative criticim? screw that, you’re better than that :)
Now your self esteem: why hating yourself? Everytime you don’t like yourself you’re programming your brain to think like that did you know that?
Also there’s no one like you on the planet, you’re special. You’re perfect the way you are, and god bless for different people in this world.
It’s boring seeing the same type of people on the media and social platforms.
So go slay and be yourself :D

jfk42 said 7 years, 9 months ago:

There are different types of criticism that you might want to look into. Some criticism is only meant to help another person improve something, ex.: If you added another paragraph explaining why this situation happened it would improve your story. Some is meant to correct something that another person said, ex.: You are wrong, the American flag has 13 stripes not 12. You should try to learn ways of accepting these types. The worst is when criticism is used to demean others, ex: Your fat, you need to lose weight. While that may be true, the person receiving this criticism usually already knows this and so it’s just a mean thing to say and that type of criticism is something you do not have to accept and should walk away.

purpleunicorn3 said 7 years, 6 months ago:

Hating yourself will get you nowhere. I learned that a long time ago. But trying to make yourself fit into others expectations of who you should be shouldn’t be your ultimate goal either. People critique me all the time, and i either ignore them, or i am rude about it (that was hard to admit). Ive learned to embrace who I am, even though others may not appreciate it, and think im a total b****(which i sometimes am)