Holly said 2 years, 9 months ago:

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three years, and recently I can’t help but think about breaking up with him. There isn’t really a reason for it either. I find myself thinking about all the bad parts about him to convince myself that we should break up, and create scenarios in my head where we would break up and I always feel relieved after. I love him to death and he loves me, but I just can’t really imagine a future with him. Is it weird to want to break up with someone that you love and care about? I’m just not sure if we are in a rut or if we really do need to break up. He is a very emotional person so I know if we did break up it would be very devastating to him.

Steve J said 2 years, 9 months ago:

We need a lot more info if you really want advice that is smart. You have been dating since you were 15? The world is so much bigger than you can know.

rinseandrep said 2 years, 9 months ago:

@hollyblondy You seem to be steering more towards ending it rather than staying, so I’ll talk about ending it.

Well, you don’t need a big, foolproof reason to breakup, being unhappy with the relationship is good enough. Sometimes the best thing to protect someone you love is leaving because the alternative would be just worse for both of you.

You could also just try suggest a “pause” as a way to shoehorn it in.

In the meantime, maybe switching from planning generic breakup scenarios to planning the definitiive one might help you having something to rely on if you do decide to go for it; specially if you live together, which might involve you having to find some place to retreat to in the immediate days after the breakup to let your boyfriend be emotional on his own.