The Author said 7 years, 3 months ago:

So I was answering a question on plastic surgery elsewhere on the site, and I thought it would be an interesting conversation to have.

Just to warn you in advance, these are my views and they’re pretty strong:

Have you ever considered having plastic surgery?

“Definitely not. I’m not “perfect”, but there’s only one thing I’d change about my appearance: a tiny scar above my top lip that makes it look like I missed a patch shaving. To be honest, I regard cosmetic surgeons as unethical money-grabbing weakness-exploiting dirtbags, and very different to their reconstructive surgeon counterparts.

That’s not to say that people who get plastic surgery are weak – not at all. It is a natural human thing to doubt yourself. I have huge trouble thinking of myself as attractive, and everyone else I’ve ever known is the same. And a plastic surgeon is the wanker who takes one look at you and says “yes, you’re right, this, this and that are all wrong with how you look.” Fuck them. If they had consciences, they’d say “you’re unique, and you might not like that aspect of yourself, but there’s someone out there who loves you, and who loves ALL OF YOU.”

So yeah… that prompted an excessively strong response. Sorry if I’ve offended anyone there.”

AnonyMissAnn said 7 years, 3 months ago:

I actually posted right after you in that forum and due to the nature of the forum I couldn’t say this before, but I agree with you 100% on that. Ive never met a person who doesn’t have some insecurities and hearing those insecurities pointed out by another person can easily break you down. It honestly makes sad thinking of all the people out there full of silicone and scars and Botox, who in reality were lovely to begin with. Reconstructive surgeries are understandable and I totally understand boob reductions, because huge boobs hurt your back and no clothes fit right when your chest is two sizes bigger than the rest of your upper body, but changing yourself permanently like that through something as drastic as surgery is really sad and emotionally dangerous.

The Author said 7 years, 3 months ago:

Exactly. I mean, the media certainly has a role to play too, in eating disorders and general dysmorphia. When you get women who look like Rosie Jones and men who look like Hugh Jackman thrown at you as if they’re all the norm, it’s going to wear you down eventually. But I haven’t heard many people say that they want to get xyz surgery JUST to look like xyz celebrity.

Generally, they’ve been told somewhere on the line that they’re not good enough, that thought has manifested, and they’re convinced that the celebrity is what they should look like.

The most beautiful girl I know isn’t a Rosie Jones, but she’s someone who’s got the loveliest smile I’ve ever damn well seen. And yes, she has things that society seems to view as “imperfections”, but they just make her more perfect and unique. A good smile tends to make someone look better than any amount of silicone – there should be more comedians and less cosmetic surgeons.

Unlikeany said 7 years, 3 months ago:

I actually agree with all of you but I always wanted a boob job after I was done having kids. I am not insecure in anyway, I love my body, even though there are small parts that bug me some days. I simply struggle to find clothes that properly fit my body. I am tall and pear shaped. I have to pay extra for jean length and buy shirts a size too big. I always look sloppy because of it. I could pay to have all my clothes tailored but that’s just a ridiculous concept to me. I don’t want a huge chest, I actually think a smaller chest has a lot of advantages. I just want to be able to be dressed appropriately without having to wear a ridiculously padded bra which makes me feel like a walking lie. It may sound like a lame excuse, but I feel more confident naked currently than dressed. I am like the awkward kid with “flood pants” as an adult. Just wanted to throw this out there because it’s not your standard reasoning.

Gymbunny said 7 years, 3 months ago:

Well for me i have always had body issues, like my weight fluctuating up and down (sadly up at the moment). i am 19 5’2, and have quite large uh boobies you can say? so i’m not looking for a breast enhancement but a breastlift. Because of my large bust and my fluctuating weight they have always been a victim of gravity, and it saddens me because i can’t wear certain clothes and such and always have to wear a bra otherwise they hang like a lifeless flag. So at the end of the day if you want to change one thing about yourself, and if that will make you happier than i say do it…like in my case getting my boobs lifted. but the moment it becomes an obsession, like women who constantly get procedures done to fit the perfect ideal of a woman then i say it’s unhealthy and wrong. So in that sense media is the one to blame.

Saima said 7 years, 3 months ago:

Hi everyone! being a girl, I do tend to feel insecure about my small boobs. sometimes I wear padded bras but it was SOO embarrassing when I recently started to make out with a guy I had a fling with, and when he took off my shirt n then my very padded bra, I felt..a lie exposed! it was dark but I’m sure he noticed how small my boobs were compared to how they looked on the outside. must have been a turn-off. what do u guys think? maybe that’s why he started to show less of an interest in me. anyway, it was not a super-serious thing to begin with and we both realized we didn’t want to some together so we are just friends now. anyhow, what do u guys think about this? a boob-lift is possible but it costs too much money which I don’t have. plus it can be danderous to health in the long run( implants can lead to cancers n stuff? )

secondly, i have a big blunt nose. it spread across my face when I smile. it makes me very insecure. I feel that if I can make it narrow at the bottom, and a bit at the top too, I would look hot and prettier. I plan to go for it one day when I have the money. what do u guys think about it? a friend got a nose job n his nose kinda looks a bit crooked now. I’m sure he looked hotter before he got the nose-job, but I guess that is just once case. many celebrtiies have had perfect nose jobs. ..

The Author said 7 years, 3 months ago:

Well, from a guy point of view, there’s nothing wrong with unusual or different features as a rule. EVERYONE has something that they feel insecure, but rarely does that on its own make them unattractive.

As to small boobs… 90% of straight guys would tell you that boobs are boobs are boobs. The other 9% are probably overly self-obsessed, think that women exist solely for their pleasure, and are not worthy. And the other 1% will be plastic surgeons/media moguls who tell you that your small boobs are not good enough.

Believe in yourself. Confidence is as sexy as boobs, and far sexier than silicone.

Saima said 7 years, 3 months ago:

@Nitram. thanks so much for that reply. it helps– I hope thts true.

The Author said 7 years, 3 months ago:

@Saima, it’s certainly true for me, and for most of the guys I know. It’ll never be reflective of every guy out there of course – what is? – but as a general rule of thumb, guy’s'll look down a top for a few minutes (unless they get caught out before that) but will gaze at a smile all day (or longer).

The less of an issue you find your chest, the less of an issue everyone else will find it.

Having watched a documentary on plastic surgery in Venezuela, I found the culture of plastic surgery being a young woman’s duty to be sickening. They were so obsessed with trying to “create perfection” that they forgot something vital: to the vaguely sentient human being, the little “imperfections” (a wildly inaccurate term, but the one they’d use in Venezuela) are the things that make an individual interesting, unique, and – most importantly – human. Don’t ever worry about something like small boobs, because the less of an issue they are to do, the less of an issue they’ll be to everyone else :)

Christopher said 5 years, 4 months ago:

I was not actually aware of the fact that men also undergo plastic surgery. I thought women are the only ones considering these surgeries. I was really shocked to know my close friend Donald recently underwent a liposuction from a clinic in Windsor. Now I know men are also concerned with maintaining a look that corresponds to the way they feel. But I haven’t considered one for myself till now.

melissayoung said 5 years, 3 months ago:

Hey! When we talk about plastic surgery, some categories that come to our mind are tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift etc. But I was really shocked to know that transgender cosmetic surgery ( ) is also very common. One of my friend ( don’t want to name) has done this surgery. A plastic surgery that can even change your gender! I had a belief that plastic surgery is usually done to enhance your look, but there are cases where you really need them.

Deleted User said 5 years, 3 months ago:

Having a gender reassignment surgery is not classed, or should not be classed, as cosmetic surgery or “plastic surgery”.
Also, transgender people don’t get surgeries to “become” their gender, they already are the gender they identify with. Some seek out surgery purely to lessen the dyphoric feeling they suffer with, from being anatomically disconnected to who they identify as. Not all transgender people decide to have surgery though, there’s no one-way to be trans, and some people don’t feel it necessary to them to have any surgeries carried out.
Anyway, you’re correct that sometimes “there are cases where you really need them” – but gender reassignment surgery is not a cosmetic surgery. If someone had a rupturing appendix and had to undergo surgery, you wouldn’t call that cosmetic, you’d put it as necessary for that person. It’s the same for when a transgender person goes for surgery. Cosmetic implies choice, but this isn’t a choice for transgender people who go for surgeries.