KaayKaayx3 said 7 years ago:

My Name is Kay and i have trouble dating. i Cant find a guy to save my life :( i guess because im not skinny enough. Im thick and its hard because no one likes a thick girl and im also African-American. i just wish that i could have guy talk to me. i dont mind doing long distance relationship.

Rhianne Reigns said 7 years ago:

Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself! There is no one quite like you your unique and special in your own way and that’s what matters. Maybe you should start loving yourself treat yourself good think about the positives more because it could attract people into liking you. Think about it, and don’t rush into things. When the time is right everything will fall perfectly into place. Good luck.

Mindnight said 7 years ago:

Hi dear, first, you don´t get a guy, it´s not a Christmas present, it´s about being more with people = bigger change to meet a good one. Second, nobody can save your life but yourself. Guys don´t like those sad girls with low opinions abut themselves, they prefer happy confident one. The change is up to you and your inner happiness strength, then you will be attractive, no matter how many kilos do you wear (like I am). Good luck, I hope this could work on you.

Raymond said 7 years ago:

If you need to be in a relationship in order to be happy, then you shouldn’t be in one period. You need to start being involved in you first, and be your own best friend.

Usually people end up finding someone that genuinely likes them when there’s no sense of low self esteem.

Pancake said 7 years ago:

You’re gonna find someone who’s gonna love every single part of who you are.
Don’t be so hard on yourself<3

Manafest said 7 years ago:

You’ll find someone. You can’t just go out and say “Ooo I want that guy!”. Relationships take time. It’s all about finding that person who will love you for you.
Don’t worry hun. You’re beautiful and I’m sure you’ll find Mr. Right (: Just be patient.