nicole213 said 8 years, 8 months ago:

hi all
so my bf of about 2 1/2 years broke up with me recently (about 2 months ago). he ignored me the week before and then when i said i wanted to talk in person, at first he said yes, but then said no. hes broken up with me before and always for the same reasons..he said i never made enough time for him and was also mad that he hadnt met my parents/family. we were both in school full time(college, and i have graduated), i was both looking for work and doing my internship, and raising my daughter. hes older than i am, is a father, but has them sporadically. id be the one to plan date nights (not all the time, but when i could) and would even pay if he couldnt. i would buy concert tickets, plan movie nights, and make any time i could while being in school and juggling school stuff and family stuff. i feel i did my best,but he would complain if i wasnt there everyday. for example, we could see eachother one day, and if i didnt go over two days later, he said,’ why havent i seen you in two days?”(that actually happened).

also, as far as meeting my parents, i would invite him to gatherings at my grandparents house (which is how i wanted him to meet them..and i explained that to him constantly), he would always have ‘reasons’ not to go. he’d use his kids not being with him as a reason too. he didnt even go to my graduation this past june for various ‘reasons’ ( not wanting to be around a lot of people, not wanting to meet my family all at the same time, not wanting to sit alone in the back..all his actual reasons). i even let that slide and he still attempted to blame me for him not being there.

he told me that he will always love me and we both saw a future with eachother. he told me he didnt want me to contact him anymore, and since he broke up with me over text, i feel as though i still have things to say. it hurts and i wish he didnt just walk away.

}i{shmetterling}i{ said 8 years, 7 months ago:

what a jerk. i wish i had better advice for you….but at least i can offer a virtual hug and say it sounds like he just didnt seem to take alot of things into account, failed to appreciate and see that you made time for him with all the shit you had going on, and didnt want to admit he pussed out on meeting your family every time you tried to make that happen. and maybe he just didnt want to get that serious and eventually used it as an excuse to bail, and oh so cowardly via text. i dont understand why people do such things….
and i know its easier said than done to forget him. but hopefully someday you will. i wish he hadnt either.
but i think you do have a right to say what you have to say. you could send him a 30 page text hehe, or an email or a letter saying what you need to say…whether he reads it or not…you’ll probably feel better…

<3 hugs sister <3

KellyMichelle:) said 8 years, 7 months ago:

yeah that is really cowardly and immature. Don’t feel bad. It seems like you actually tried in the relationship and if he is gonna be so childish then he is NOT worth your time. Just focus on your future. You graduated college and that’s AWESOME! I wish I could help you more but he is the one being dumb. Personally, I would not respect his wishes to ‘stop contacting him’. I would definitely send him a letter or an email getting all I needed to say out. You dont have to start a war or anything but you have the right to say what you want to say!