Evergreen said 7 years ago:

What’s your favourite movie you enjoy watching with your partner? Doesn’t necessarily have to be your favourite movie just the movie you love to watch with your lover sitting beside you? =)

Alex said 7 years ago:

I love Perks of Being A Wallflower for its examination of social issues and endless amounts of feels.

becausemeagan said 7 years ago:

I watch tons of scary movies!
He loves comedy and scary so we watch a mixture of
both! (He being my boyfriend)

Aletse said 7 years ago:

The Fast and Furious movies! We both share a love for cars so obviously we can never get tired of watching those :)

Just another girl said 7 years ago:

I love watching titanic or the notebook it’s cheesy but super romantic

Mindnight said 7 years ago:

We have both very different taste about movies we like so it´s been always hard to find the compromise, but we usually do find it. One of our bests are K-Pax, awesome movie!!

Pancake said 7 years ago:

Lion king.. We’re 18 haha

Haylee Ann said 7 years ago:

If you want dramatic and girly I suggest Anna Karenina, but if you’re looking for an action movie that has a little gore I suggest Hansel and Gretel. My boyfriend and I saw that on our 10 month ^_^

anabob said 6 years, 12 months ago:

one of my favorite movies to watch with a guy is Camp. it super cute and its about this little boy who is like abused and he goes to a camp with all these foster kids and his counselor is only there to get money and ugh its soooo good.