GBWest said 9 years, 7 months ago:

@Panda: Nice assumption, but no. I can’t send even one PM. I’ve no intentions of sending more than the one.

EDIT: To give an example of my original point, I now feel extremely threatened in this thread, since two members with 13k and ~2-5k “points,” and several thousand “QA Rep” are attacking my thoughts. So… Guess I won’t be posting anymore.

rinseandrep said 9 years, 7 months ago:



In a similar note to @the-bookkeeper-212, I wouldn’t mind an entry in the FAQs about people talking about a crime. I’ve met a troll who started the conversation with “I rape little girls”, and in the past spoke with listeners who went through the confusing process of informing the police about a chat had with a venter identifying themselves and planning a murder, or about some abused person crying for help by giving them their e-mail.
It wouldn’t be bad to have another “Report option” for people who aren’t behaving inappropriately and have to be banned, but instead are talking about a crime and it would be good to highlight and save their IP, alias and content of the conversation for legal reasons, to be handled by the admins that have access to this information and maybe can have an open channel with authorities. Or, in alternative, to know if it’s already doable by writing like “crime” in the existing report box. @blhthrpy00

@swwest It’s a conversation, though, but I understand that your problem with some of parts of the site is that people can disagree with you, and tell you directly or indirectly through voting, and that’s a very personal and individual problem that the site probably shouldn’t be revolving around.

GBWest said 9 years, 7 months ago:

Clearly, there are communication problems going on, because that is not at all what I’m saying.

said 9 years, 7 months ago:

It’d be really nice if the owner could at least acknowledge our concerns and gives us some sort of reassurance that something is being done as far as changes, trolls, etc… It’s very upsetting how this site is essentially getting trashed over the past few months, increasingly getting worse, and hardly anything is being done about it. No offense to our very, very few moderators… I know there is only so much you can do on your part. Especially because you’re so shorthanded. I’m really calling for action on behalf of the owner, or whoever does the “official” changes to the site.

If the owner does ever see this, I’d like to add the suggestion of a “Are you sure you want to exit the page?” when users accidentally hit the backspace button on the chat, when the typing box (or whatever it’s called) isn’t activated. I’ve been seeing a lot of missed connection people mention that this was why they left by accident.

But you know… Just another growing problem to add to the list.

rinseandrep said 9 years, 7 months ago:

@syzygy that’s interesting, even when a chat is done I always get that message “do you want to leave this page” when I want to start a new chat (uhm, when the other person leaves it doesn’t come up, maybe it’s when I leave), but still the backspace/go back overrides that.

Remember that you can tag blhthrpy00 and blahmoderator1 and engage them directly through public messages, or in posts if you feel you have a direct concern, like the chat is down and whatever.

Deleted User said 9 years, 6 months ago:

We need a mobile site
or a blah app

Deleted User said 9 years, 6 months ago:

I always find the user interface quite unintuitive for a forum. There’s no search functions anywhere, posts get dated wrong, replies on a thread are never in chronological order which means that any conversations between members on them get jumbled up.
I’m getting used to it but an easy to use a reliable system will get so many more people staying for longer.

SleepingDog said 9 years, 6 months ago:

I agree with the need of a chatroom feature. The trolls are a pretty big problem as well.

Weeb Trash said 9 years, 4 months ago:

This site is flawed both front and back-end.

On the front-end, you have an awkward interface. This site is harder to use than Arch Linux, and posting anything but plain text requires a working knowledge of HTML. This could be easily solved with some CSS and HTML though, and is far from being the most pressing issue.

On the back-end, you have no user verification. This allows people with spambots to make throwaway accounts just to rapid-fire shitposts in the Q&A section. Someone could be holding a gun to their head and nobody would ever know because some asshole thought that a fake cure for acne was more important than someone who’s on the brink of committing suicide. A captcha system would make posting less convenient, but would prevent this.

Then, you have the trolls, as @SleepingDog mentioned. There’s less trolling on /adv/, and that’s on 4chan of all places. The ban hammer needs to drop more often. And I don’t mean an account ban, a fucking IP ban. What kind of lonely, sadistic bastard goes through the trouble of making an account, just to tell a bunch of teenagers with issues to off themselves?

GBWest said 9 years, 2 months ago:

Getting reported twice in 30 minutes or so on Chatroom should result in an automatic 24+ hour ban for mods to look into.

Just an idea.

Rudransh said 9 years, 2 months ago:

Well first of all the chat system needs few fixing and then I think a blahtherapy app for phone users will be appreciated widely and though community system is quite fine but I still do feel that something is missing or not upto the mark I can’t say exactly what is missing well anyways, people have already written a lot so I’ll rest my case here.

silent said 8 years, 6 months ago:

Any update on this? Especially regarding the new chat system?