Dani said 6 years ago:

I am a ftm trans guy. I identify as male and I’d like to think that I look like a dude. I like a lot of stereotypical “guy” things, and I like girls. Most girls tend to hang out with other girls and guys with other guys. Guys sometimes don’t see ftm guys as actual men, they still see them as women. Girls normally don’t see them as girls. Here is my question: Who is more likely to hang out with a transgender guy? Would you? Do you really think that their gender plays a part in making friends, or is it just personality? Would you be embarrassed to be seen with someone like that because they are “different”?

MemyselfandI said 6 years ago:

Sadly, I find that most girls are more thoughtful and careful about this sort of thing. If you connect with guys on so many topics and interests however, maybe hang with the dudes. I don’t think blanket statements often apply here, my advice would be to find friends who care about you and are willing to stand by you and your decisions. find good friends regardless of gender, if you can.

Dannizy said 5 years, 11 months ago:

I’m a cis female and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with anyone transgender. I think the reason its easy to think girls are more lenient about these things than guys is simply due to just gendered society and what media teaches us. Girls are kind of taught to accept anything that comes to them whereas boys are usually told they can do better and should strive to dominate their neighbors in sports or otherwise – that kind of thing.

Andy.F said 5 years, 11 months ago:

I come from a family that could care less about someones identity if it be sexual, if you are male and identify as a male or female and identify as male. So no I would have no problem hanging out with a transgender guy. Hell I am Bi myself and some people have found that hard to swallow. But I don’t believe our identities is what makes our friends but our personalities that ultimately seal the deal.

Hearmenow said 5 years, 11 months ago:

No, I wouldn’t be embarrassed in the slightest, not for that reason. Rather about the “friends” that can’t accept certain things or simply judges anyway. Though, in honesty, I tend to befriend girls as myself, but that’s more got to do with the fact that I’m awkward and barely interacts with people in general. As long as you’re a nice person and fun to be around with, I don’t care what or who you are, or was. But maybe you’re right, it’s not quite the same, but that’s a good thing. It gives you a different perspective to all things female because you can relate to them. And who doesn’t like a nice guy? I’d be honored to have someone as yourself as my friend Noah. ( awesome name btw)

Jesusfreak15 said 5 years, 11 months ago:

I am friends with guys and girls, gay, straight, trans, bi I love them all. I have learned in the past few months about loving people exactly where they are in life and exactly how they are. I don’t judge anyone because I wouldn’t want to be judged and no body is perfect. My past and everything in it is ugly but I am looking towards a very bright and prosperous future. So Noah, you could without a doubt be one of my friends and I am sure that you are absolutely amazing so you can message me anytime…that goes for anybody who reads my post I can never have too many friends but I do tend to steer clear of super negative people because I have recently gotten to a good place in life and I want to keep myself positive. So good vibes

Haru said 5 years, 11 months ago:

I hangout mostly with guys so it’ll be no problem with me. If you feel you are a guy, you are a guy to me.
If you feel you are a girl, you are a girl to me.
If you feel you are a flying spaghetti monster, you are indeed a flying spaghetti monster to me.
Some people are so picky about people.
The only issue with hanging out is hanging out with girls. Have had some traumatic issues involving girls so it is taking me sometime to get more social with girls.
I find myself a question mark.
No one knows my gender until they pull my clothes off to look if they have to know what I am.