Strider said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Today’s American Society has taught that there is no difference between a Man and a Women. To young boys we teach:
If you want to get your nails done or hair permed, be free of the stereotypes and do as you please. You are a natural being. Remember that you are just another animal in the world. Be aware of where you fit in nature. It is natural to take it easy, you don’t want to work or get a Job No problem. Life is about pleasure! Play Video games all day if you like! You have all the time in the world! We have some really good violent ones for your primal instincts. Speaking of primal, you have urges, we have porn. Have as much sex as you want, with whom or what ever you want, No problem. Its not your fault that you are the way you are, You were born that way. Hungry, no problem, Eat whatever you want! You are free to explore who you really are with out concern for the world about you. Don’t worry about the people around you, they are just things to be used. Focus on the real you. No Fear! Your parents will take care of you, or your rich uncle, I’m sure there is a Government program for that. You are entitled to everything this world has to offer with no responsibilities.

To the Girls they teach:
You can be what ever you want! You should go out into the world free of fear. You are empowered and if there is any evil man standing in your way I’m sure there is a law for that. You want a boy toy, we have lots of those! Don’t worry about children, we have abortion and daycare, or I’m sure a government program for that. You should focus your whole life on becoming successful. You are smarter than boys, We have tests that prove it. You don’t need to prove you are as good as a Man. No one will take care of you unless you take care of yourself, so get a good career! Do it! you can. Whatever it is. Don’t worry about the test or physical requirements, they are not necessary anymore and were just put there to be bias anyway. Women have been oppressed for so long its time they get their just reward. You are entitled to everything this world has to offer with no responsibilities.

Bottom line: There is no such thing as good and bad in the world! If you want to change your sexual identity, Do it. If it feels right for you, have a sex change. There is no harm in being what you realty are inside! There is no such thing as a Man thing to do or a Womanly quality. Ladies and Gentlemen are such old things; things of the past. They never really worked anyhow. We have no winners and no losers in the world. Equality for all.

So to answer your question: How dare you ask for a gender role and where it went. We don’t do that any more.

Fun quotes that prove my point:
@limitless I’m a proud MAN
@Mysterium There are over 7 billion people in the world so it’s pretty difficult to generalise by gender I’d say.
@JSV Rexual There always has been weak minded men
@AngelM They haven’t changed, they just don’t feel the need to conform to everyone elses rules of what a “man” is anymore.
@limitless [God] knows why you generalize this as men and women (notice the easy change on the first word)
@Chwati:) …you can’t just [generalize] “what happened to all the men?”. How about I ask “what happened to all the women?”.
@limitless Its biology at play when females seek out the alpha male.
@radiahips This is about the fact that as women progress socially, men regress. for well over 50 years women participation in the workforce has grown, which is ideal considering the social changes and economic needs of families. but the amount of men working had dropped.
…these aren’t coincidences, but a trend that closely reflects the regression of men in American society.
Historically women have always [sought] out a mate that could be a provider and bring stability to a family. that is in their nature.
…i guess in many cases the man’s role in a relationship will be reduced to sex toy, chef, and moral support;
…good and bad are irrelevant in this situation where men in general are falling down the social ladder.
@Logseman Men aren’t like Gilgamesh anymore.

Nathaniel said 7 years, 11 months ago:

All of the things you are talking about came about with the rise of feminism.

Love-and-be-loved said 7 years, 11 months ago:

“this is about the fact that as women progress socially, men regress. for well over 50 years women participation in the workforce has grown, which is ideal considering the social changes and economic needs of families. but the amount of men working had dropped”

Can guarantee you that fifty years ago tuere were men who wanted to be stay at home dads who would rather take care of their kids than be stuck in a job. And there were woman who would rather go to work than be stuck at home with kids all day. But at the time they were not allowed too. Men had to go to work woman had to stay home. So of corse now that society allows men to stay home and woman to work people are going to want to do what they want to do. Thats why the job force of men has gone down and the job force of woman have gone up. Its because we allow people to chose what they want to do

Strider said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Some friends have worried about me after that last post… Made you think, right? I took the Devils advocate point of view. Unfortunately it is way too easy for the me as a natural man to explain in the Negative.

Please realize even if you don’t believe in God. Man was created by the Master all that is. Some call it Nature. Whether you believe or not does not matter. You are who you are. It would be wise to consider your creator.

There is a proper order to the Universe. Break with the proper order, and misery like you have never known is the result. Welcome to our world.

@radiahips Your perspective on the regress of Men is observant, However, while the current state of some men is regressed. That is the result of choice… but it is not reality. They can and should resume their Role. You and every women out there need them to. By the way, Women too, would be truly happy, if they would resume their Role also. It is all about the proper order of Family. As much as we have enjoined this trip down rebellion lane, The result is… Well as you see it.

You can lie to your self all day long, it is no skin off my Nose. I know the proper order. I know following it will bring truly happy living. Are you Happy? Fix it…

Feel free to PM me.

Logseman said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Yay, we have a messiah among us! We are all saved if we PM him and listen to his new-found, never imagined speech about an otherworldly order that we should be bound to!

Deleted User said 7 years, 11 months ago:

@logseman Hallelujah!

Deleted User said 7 years, 11 months ago:

haha strider your amazing dude loved the posts!! it made so much sense, when i see it from your perspective, which is similar to my own, i never bothered giving this topic much thought as either you or radia, i guess i did in the sense when i was thinking what id want in an ideal mate.

(◣_◢)Poet said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Its just a matter of evolution. for most of world history men have been the undisputed leaders of the world, the workplace, and the household. All places in which the woman had no voice..

Now women are climbing up in the world, making their own money, embracing single life, being more promiscuous and taking control of their sexual ambitions (that were previously controlled by men). But this is where the fall of marriage comes in. There was once a time when women took pride in their first love being the man they marry, but now a lot more women are just as driven as men about their personal ambitions, hence the two not working to build something together, but simply for themselves. Two people out for themselves don’t necessarily lead to a bond and family being built between the two. So, in a way, women destroyed marriage, or rather what marriage used to be. Since they are the one has changed most between the two sexes.

Now why aren’t man as ambitious about their careers or education? Well for one, despite all their ambition, women are still discriminated against in the workplace and usually make less then men in the same position as them. Most men don’t look at women as competition, even if the woman is challenging their position.

I see the point that women will have to choose from a large crop of men that are below them (financially success-wise), but this is also something women have created. Se, its in her nature to seek the alpha…but in pursuit of raising her own status, she did so by stepping on the man (which he has been doing to her since the beginning of time, unfortunately) and making him worth less than he was when she once desired him. Now she’s better educated, has more money, and in general is more successful…thus leading to him not looking so alpha.

Instead she created a world where women not only outnumber men, but are growing faster than them in most facets of life; for a race whose nature it is to seek the alpha (she can’t have that baby alone), she has inadvertently made her mate into a beta-male. Now the numbers of women keep growing, but the amount of men available to them is shrinking fast, leaving a small crop of alpha male to take their pick. Great for those men, but overall, bad for the future.

Is it possible we will move into a matriarchal society? yes…but before we get there you’d sooner see men become very violent towards women in pursuit of correcting what they see as a threat to them as men. though…its not a bad set up if it is indeed the intentions of the alpha males. let women grow beyond the power of most men, making most men obsolete when it comes to evolution; allowing the few men in power to find reasons to lock them away or execute them. Eventually you’re left with a world populated by women far beyond men, yet men remain in power over all.


Deleted User said 7 years, 11 months ago:

I’d have to say because popular culture. Young men think it’s “cool” to act how the majority of society acts or they grow up doing what others around them are doing to fit in or just to see what will happen. That’s why many of them treat girls as objects, prizes to win, not someone special who they can treasure for a long time. And as they mature and become men, many of them don’t lose this childish mentality, this way of thinking that prevents them from being the gentleman a woman deserves.
But there are also guys who realize on their own how to treat women, or stray from social fads to treat women as they see fit.

Brittbutterfly21 said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Most of its fitting in. Not many guys have that quality if respect. I find guys like that much more attractive

Strider said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Realize, be honest, Look inside women, It is not about being helpless, it is about the strength that you get when men and women fill each others desires and needs. The homes on the wild west frontier are great examples. Those Men and Women KNEW what it was like to work and fight for everything they got. Because of it, They knew there roles. I want a strong women who is Honest with her feelings. Looks to me to fill my responsibilities as protector and husband. To be her Hero.

The feeling that started this thread is on display in this video. The feelings that are portrayed are a raw emotion. In real life, women know they too want, need and deserve a Hero for a husband. Not some flashy thing as in this video, but a man with the guts to be a good gentleman full of hardened core values and characteristics; Love, respect, integrity and moral fortitude. A man who knows his God given role as husband and father. The Imagery is good, a Man in a white hat. Pure intent.

If you are a Man reading this. What have you done to be a better Man to the Women in your life?

Logseman said 7 years, 11 months ago:

I have tried to empower the girls I’ve met while chatting here, for example. And your ridiculous male chauvinistic blabber does nothing of the sort. No god exists to give us any sort of granted role just for having a weenie or a set of teats.

I know that such truths are hard to swallow for the Pharisaic cults of the world and their members, but it’s just there: you people mistreat women (and men too) by assigning them roles they don’t necessarily want to fit. You people rob others of their power to decide, not merely by violence and physical suppression (Hypatia, various witch hunts), but by instilling a sense that people are broken, unfinished, empty, instead of the whole human beings that they are.

With that said, shoo.

DinoRaptor101 said 7 years, 10 months ago:

I have to agree on that part, most men have lost their manliness but this is only a period until they fully mentally mature and regain principle thinking at around the age of 23, the only thing that didn’t change in their lives is the thrive to get laid all the time without considering the idea of actually earning it.

Deleted User said 7 years, 10 months ago:

From what im reading in the last few posts, its like manliness has evolved into justin bieber lol..also dino i dont think you’ve met a GANGA.

Logseman said 7 years, 10 months ago:

Certainly Bieber has many of the traits that usually one would stick to the Alpha Male: lots of cash, lots of women surrounding them, lots of fame, and being in the prime of his life. Is he really an Alpha Male like you nitwits like to fap off to, or does the Alpha Male idiocy start to not make sense already?