letstalkaboutit said 7 years, 10 months ago:

Omg, Has this happened to you before ? How did he react ? How’d you feel ? would you do it again ?

so one fine day while enjoy some nice passionate sex this the love of my life, he decided he wanted to try something new. This something new is something we’ve talked about on different occasions but never actually followed through with it. If your wondering the something is anal sex. Now I never experienced nor really was comfortable with the idea of having a dick fucking my ass (excuse my language)but i decided to give it a try.
so lucky me, i did it and at first it was really weird but it also didn’t really hurt like many said it would, plus he was being really considerate of me, my feelings, and stuff. So after a while of doing it he took it out and OMG, ya’ll never believe what i saw….SHIT! YES, SHIT ON THE TIP OF HIS DICK!! It’s embarrassing just talking about it but thank god ya’ll cant see my face. Either way I was extremely embarrassed, started crying on the spot as i ran to the bathroom and didn’t wanna see his face for the next week (even though we lived together). Never did i ever think that would happen to me. it’s not like i had to take a shit or anything. But, I have to admit he did try he hardest to make me feel as comfortable as he could and it kind of worked and even after that he was willing to try it again. He said, it’s normal and if anything it made us closer. He says he loves me no matter what and I was the first girl to give him anal sex and first to shit on him. lol
So i know he wants to try it again but he wants me to feel comfortable about i first and i know he enjoyed it but i’m scared to do it again. He says if it happens again he’ll be fine and he wants me to know he loves me no matter how many times i shit, drool, or whatever else I do on him.

What i want to know, Has this happened to you before ? How did he react ? How’d you feel ? would you do it again ? Should i try it again ?

Toni said 7 years, 10 months ago:

Well I have had anal sex, and I don’t think it has happened before, however it has always been in the dark….but you gotta remember….your having sex in the ass….. the only thing coming out is shit….so it is bound to happen……..don’t be embarrassed about it…. :) shit happens…especially there…. BTW This story is awesome, made me laugh when he is completely comfortable with you and they way he says it…anyways…..you got a REAL man there, don’t feel weird about it…its normal :)

Unknown said 7 years, 10 months ago:

I wouldn’t stick anything up in places, where it doesn’t belong.

Logseman said 7 years, 10 months ago:

Anal sex requires special hygienic measures. Did you have an enema beforehand? He was wearing a condom, I hope… It’s not something to be trifled with.