KellyMichelle:) said 9 years, 3 months ago:

So I am over the relationship but I do struggle with one thing… I just go back to the times in our relationship where I feel like I could have stood up for myself more and I just get mad. I used to get pissed at my ex for the shady things he did and how he made me feel, but now I just look back sometimes and get mad at me for not sticking up for myself and kind of being a pushover. It makes me feel stupid and I hate that. I just wonder if anyone has gone through this before.

Little White Feather said 9 years, 2 months ago:

Okay so I haven’t gone through this through a relationship, but with my best friend. I used to be such a pushover and one day after pyting myself enough I just stopped the friendship. And then just like you realization hit me harder than is expected. I was angry that I’d let her take advantage of me so many times… All you can do now is just promise yourself that you’ll never let this happen again. After a while feelings of anger will eventually go away. It’s a good lesson in life…

Deleted User said 9 years, 2 months ago:

You gotta take the lessons you learned from the old relationship & keep them in mind when you get into a new one. I feel that way a lot still because I used to let my ex walk all over me & boss me around. I can’t help but feel stupid for letting it continue for so long. It’s really okay to feel like that, but it’s also good to move past it. As long as you learned & never let it happen again. It sort of makes you stronger in a way.

Deleted User said 9 years, 2 months ago:

Been through the same thing, honestly, it helped shape the person I am today. I refuse to let someone get the best of me.
I loved my ex so much, it was ridiculous. He would barely speak to me, this went on for over two years. (A lot of other things went wrong, but this was always what hurt me the most)
It makes me wish I could go back in time, just to leave him a lot earlier than I did. But I can’t, however I learned from it, and I won’t make the same mistake again! Hope the same thing goes for you (:

KellyMichelle:) said 9 years, 2 months ago:

I appreciate everyones, @lauren, @littlewhitefeather @imreallyahamster advice on this! It does help to know that im not the only one that struggles with this feeling of anger. I do think its a great lesson to learn now. I vow to never be a push-over again or to let love get in the way of my own self-respect. Thanks guys!