Midnightsapphire20 said 5 years, 10 months ago:

Okay, so it recently came into light that my best friend for years has liked me as more than a friend for as long as I have him. Now, it all seemed innocuous enough, a few kisses shared here and there throughout the evening. Then, the day progressed into night and well, kisses got more and more heated. To the point where I let him take my first time, (I’d had broken my Hymen about three years prior.)Yes I made him wear protection, I grew up with a woman’s clinician nurse for a mother…. I know about all of the things that can happen. I am unsure, but it feels like I may have made a mistake? That he only wanted to get into my pants for a night and then leave for Basic Training, (He will be entering the Air Force,) I’d like to hear others oponions on the matter, maybe I’m overreacting, perhaps I’m right on the money…. I am very conflicted as to what’s going on through my head.

Yellow said 5 years, 10 months ago:

I didn’t mean to click onto this, and I’m also not a girl. Plus.. I am also a week late to the question. I’ll still try to put an answer down though.

It’s incredibly hard to really see how things like relationships will turn out in the long run. People can, and do sometimes take advantage of you, but that doesn’t mean everyone always will. If anything less than you desired to become of this has happened to you, I’m sorry.

As for making mistakes, we all make decisions that we regret at some point. I know that this may not make it easier, but that’s about all I can say. I will also say that as humans, our perspective on life will change a lot, as time happens to us. What you have preciously valued today, may be of little concern tomorrow… (this sounds really cold, but it’s supposed to be comforting)

If you need anyone to talk to, if you’re still around. You can message me on here.