Alexandra said 7 years ago:

There’s this boy who’s really really nice, and we have a lot in common, he likes me a LOT. Nothing has happened between us just harmless flirting over text, but I just don’t feel the same. And I feel TERRIBLE about it. He’s not bad looking either, I should like him shouldn’t I? What’s wrong with me, why do I feel like a bitch?

bricheese said 7 years ago:

You are entitled to your own feelings, just because a guy is ‘really nice,’ good looking etc. doesn’t mean that you have to like him, feelings just don’t work like that. If you don’t feel that way about him I would probably try not to flirt because that’s kind of leading him on when you clearly don’t feel that way. But this by no means makes you a ‘bitch’ if the chemistry isn’t there you can’t force it and personally it would be worse off in the long run if you decided to date him even though you don’t feel the same way.

Alexandra said 7 years ago:

thank you. I really needed to hear that. :)

Deleted User said 7 years ago:

Don’t feel guilty Alexandra! We don’t always fall for the people who fall for us and that’s okay. If you don’t like him like that, I suggest you lower the flirting because he might take it as a sign that you like him back haha.. You both can still be friends and I wish the best for you!

PhilophobicHeart said 7 years ago:

I’ve had this happen to me, and trust me, I know how that feels.
He might be the perfect guy, but he may not be the perfect guy for you. You know, whom you like is not up to you to decide, you just start feeling differently about someone. And if you’re not feeling that way about this guy, then you shouldn’t rush into a relationship or something. Talk to him, continue being friends, but if you feel like it’s not meant to be, don’t push it.
Good luck.