Ivanovg said 10 years, 8 months ago:

Hello. I need some opinions! My boyfriend and I met at college but he started to talk to me on Facebook, he had a girlfriend at the time, we kept talking, he started to liked me and he left her and HE DIDN´T cheat on her with me. We have been together for a year now and I feel he is going to do to me what he did to his ex. He adds lots of girls, likes them pictures and chat with them. This makes me jealous of course and I have told him to stop but he keeps doing it. When we are together he is the best, but he keeps doing this so I feel the need to check his profile every 10 minutes. I´m not going to chat with other guys just to make him feel what I feel cause I’m not like that, so what should I do? Do I break up with him? I know he has the right of having his life and his privacy, but all this girls he adds are those kind of girls that post semi-naked pictures and are kinda easy.

The right path said 10 years, 8 months ago:

You should break up with him… why? because if you told him to stop and he keeps doing it , he’s not going to stop… and remember if he did that to his ex , he could do that to you too, and by reading this I can see that you don’t trust him and without trust the relationship its just like a computer without internet , you can only play games… Or tell him to stop adding girls and talking to them , if he doesn’t stop them break up with him ! you’re his girlfriend and he should appreciate you more and care more about you than his facebook … its better to move on than to keep with this relationship that isn’t working … isn’t facebook who is ruining your relationship , it’s your boyfriend because he’s the one who is adding the girls , think about it and good luck !

Katie said 10 years, 8 months ago:

When you’re in a relationship, Facebook is basically the devil. Especially if you feel that you have to check his profile every 10 minutes. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, if you don’t trust him that is a hugeeee red flag right there. Before you make any big decisions to break up with him, I suggest talking to him about it. If it comes down to it, I would also suggest you both delete your profiles. Trust me, it feels weird for the first few weeks not having an account, but if the two of you care enough about each other, then your relationship is more important than knowing what your friends had for breakfast this morning. Good luck sweetheart!<3

suomynona said 10 years, 7 months ago:

your situation sounds like one i had with my boyfriend when we started dating and lasted a few years until i learned a lesson…

my boyfriend has almost all female friends on his Facebook and he hangs out with only females. he took the “girls are easier to hang out with then guys” approach when explaining himself to me. i, for years, was insanely jealous that he was doing stuff behind my back and hanging out with them and being inappropriate. I’ve seen his messages and he (according to him) never noticed they flirt with him.

before we moved in together we had a situation where one of these girls was actually thinking she was starting a relationship with him and he didn’t know it. we fought for days about that one and we both made each other realize how hard we have been fighting for years to prove to each other that we love each other. he has never done anything that i know and when i look back i was insane for nothing because he always was trying to compromise and do anything he could (including stopping talking to some girls) just to prove he is fully invested. it took me actually cheating on him to realize how stupid i was and how hard i want to make it work with him.

i think you need to compromise and try and get a better understanding of the nature of his relationships with these girls. it is possible for men to be friends with woman and not doing anything with them.

fark said 10 years, 7 months ago:


I disagree whole-heartedly with @fmxgirl22 ‘s response.

This is not the same situation. This guy left his ex to be with her through the same MEDIUM that he’s talking to these other girls. She has every right to be concerned. Not to mention if you feel the need to constantly check his stuff every so often, it’s not healthy and will just eat you apart.

Personally if I had an amazing gf that I thought was the best thing in the world, I wouldn’t feel need to receive extra validation from random hot girls on the internet – I wouldn’t care about them.

But hey, if it’s just something he likes to do, maybe he’s just super insecure. I’d just pay attention to his behaviour. If he starts acting different and a bit distant or weird, then you know something’s up – that’s when I’d pull the plug.

KellyMichelle:) said 10 years, 7 months ago:

Its all on how you feel. If he makes you feel insecure because of how he’s acting then you should just let him go. If you feel that he is trying and he is willing to let go of Facebook then you shouldn’t let him go. I know its hard to choose and when your in the relationship your almost blindsided BUT I have been where you have been and it didn’t work and I realized how much happier I am now because I don’t feel like I am competing for anyones attention anymore. Also my ex who was doing pretty much what your bf is doing is completely proving me right!… hes really sketchy and not a ‘loyal’ bf even though he pretends he is. So I definitely wouldn’t let your concerns go but do talk to him about it and see where he stands.

suomynona said 10 years, 7 months ago:

i agree completely that you should definitely watch him and see if he has changes in his behavior or the way he treats you but don’t let yourself over think it so much because then you look for things that aren’t there. just enjoy each other. if you really feel you can’t trust him then yes leave him, absolutely or if he’s going to do it then he will and you may not be able to predict it otherwise you are together and he’s with you for a reason. i really hope you don’t have the kind of jerk who actually does this crap to girls but maybe he left his ex for a reason. they could have had their own problems.

Deleted User said 10 years, 7 months ago:

You are experiencing the danger of Internet… Break up with him before it’s too late.

Deleted User said 10 years, 7 months ago:

haha mister katano response is about right, hes sounds like your typical fb playa, and you been played and playing from the sounds of it, just karma!

Deleted User said 10 years, 7 months ago:

Facebook the murderer of relationships. I think its the number one things to keep away from when seriously committed. You should have a serious talk with him about this and how this makes you feel. If he doesn’t stop then he doesn’t respect you. Because you wont keep doing something that hurts someone you love. Demand respect by laying it all on the table. Respect yourself if he doesn’t consider your feelings and stop the foolishness.

Deleted User said 10 years, 7 months ago:

Oh btw he sounds like he has a pattern going on if you sense that break the pattern leave the boy.