Iwallflower said 9 years, 5 months ago:

There’s this guy I know and he’s 16 I’m 13 I met him at a skating rink and we talk all the time everytime I leave the place he make me give him a hug which I love and the other day he even wanted me to skate with him we always play around and he’s really funny I actually love his personality more than his looks it just makes me feel weird that he’s 3 years older and I don’t even know if he likes me for sure any advice???

Strange Bird said 9 years, 5 months ago:

Prolong dating until you get to your sophomore year of college. Boys at that age will only break your heart. And if you wait, you’ll learn that it’s worth the wait because you’ll be seeing a lot of your friends go through a lot of unnecessary pain. You shouldn’t learn from experience if you don’t have to. I know this because lots of my friends got their hearts broken way too young, and I am 26 and have just gone through a bad breakup for the first time. But what I’m grateful for is being old enough to deal with that kind of pain. Please just wait and focus on having fun and being a little genius in school! ;)

Stephanie said 9 years, 5 months ago:

Boys aren’t always heartbreakers though. If you don’t feel too attached to him at the point that you depend on him, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t enjoy his company. If you see though that he is leading you on without any good outcome for you both then you should make it clear that you’re just friends. Like call him your friend and he will quickly catch on. I don’t see anything wrong with hanging out with someone older than you but make sure he won’t carry you away from your friends or put you in danger. :) Enjoy it while it lasts.

Emily said 9 years, 5 months ago:

I’m 16, my first relationship was with a 20 year old. He was lovely, but as most 20 year olds do, he wanted to go out, drink & party, whereas I was unable to because I barely look ten let alone sixteen. We unfortunately did not make it 3 months. Later on in the year I started seeing a 19 year old who was actually nice, I have the world of respect for him, although he is no longer a part of my life. Its not about age. its personality, its the way they look, the way they smile, if your into that, then so be it. Age is just a number.

Jasmine said 9 years, 5 months ago:

3 years older is nothing, the heart wants what the heart wants and that is completely normal to catch feelings for someone who is older then you. For me personally I will only date guys who are at least 1 year and a half older then me because thats just how I like my guys, The oldest guy I’ve dated so far is 2 years older then me and it ended up to be the longest relationship I have been in (it is still on) So go for it, you’re not risking anything at the end of the way, just be smart and safe. xoxo

becausemeagan said 9 years, 5 months ago:

Well, I think when i was your age i LOVED the idea of older guys. I was 16 years old dating 21 year olds and it was “cool”. The thing is is that you are young. You just entered your teen years and everything seems so good. But since you seems so mature for your age the best thing to do is to just have fun. There is no rush for anything solid or permanent. Give in time you two decide you truly like each other then by all means be together. But give you are just 13 years old and he is 16 be prepared for whats ahead. I dont want to get your hopes up or shape your future for you. But understand you have TONS of time to fall in love. I am 21 and I still have tons of time to fall in love too.

Deleted User said 9 years, 5 months ago:

I actually dated a guy who was 3 years older than I too. 19 and 16 and we were together for about 7 months. It was my first real relationship and I loved him so much. I know he did too because when you get down to it, you don’t need words or actions but you can tell in the way they smile. The age gap was always a rough spot for us though we’d always say that it would get ‘smaller’ as we both got older. But after those 7 months he found another girl who was equally charming but closer to his age. Age is just a number but it’s a number a lot of people go by. If you both feel that it’d be worth wile to for a relationship, go for it. It will be more difficult, you’ll find, but if you both put an effort into making it work, you know you’ll be okay.

Blondie said 9 years, 5 months ago:

I think it’s lovely that you’ve found someone you can connect with and are attracted to- but you need to understand that physically and emotionally he is lightyears away from you. As someone who has only dated men significantly older than myself (I’m 23, my ex and best friend is 35) you need to understand that you are very different people. Age may be “just a number”, but keep in mind that in 2 years He will be a legal adult, and you will still be a child. Your relationship will no longer be legal in the US. Stay friends for now. If it’s meant to be when you’re older it will happen naturally.