Anna said 9 years ago:

My BFF started dating my ex, who was my first real love, and I still love him a lot. And she’s rubbing him in my face. I can’t get over how he and her were dating behind me back. Now she’ll read out his long love texts, ones like he used to send me. She’s literally waving him around in front of my face. Worst things worse, is before anybody started dating anybody, we were all really close friends. But he was my everything, he wrote me a song, and drew funny/cute cartoon sketches of us. He was funny and gentle. Just plain perfect. And now my BFF,is the one he loves. I want to unmeet him. I can’t get over him no matter how hard I try (8 months) and I’m tired of crying.

Giselle♡ said 9 years ago:

I don’t think you ¨Best Friend¨ is your best friend anymore if she’s waving your ex in your face and a best friend NEVER dates your ex’s like come on if she was really your friend she would of asked you 1st and asked how you felt about it and if you were okay with it and if your weren’t she would back off of him and not care anymore like come on what kind of friend would do that it makes me sad that someone would do that. And to get over someone it does take time and alot of time so don’t worry okay it took me a year to get over someone so just find hobbies you like do sports you like take walks do anything that take your mind off of him because just being sad about it isin’t going to help. Oh and don’t mind there relationship who cares. Stay Strong. Think Positive.

Andjela said 9 years ago:

That girl sure isn’t your bff. You deserve much better then this. And don’t be sad. You’ll get over him. It takes time, but if you stay apart and meet new people it could be much easier. That helped me a lot. And you should focus on what you love (sports, drawing…etc.). Don’t worry about them, you will find much better people who will treat you right. Just be positive and go on with your life. Everything will be ok in the end. :)