TayWorkman said 5 years, 1 month ago:

I have been living with my boyfriend for about 6 months now (together almost 2 yrs) and i feel like i am doing all the work around the house, as in dishes, groceries,laundry ect. he doesnt help out very much and its not like he cant, he mostly plays video games so he has the time to help out. I feel like i shouldnt have to ask ( he has lived on his own before and should know what needs to be done) also, he always “forgets” that he made plans with me. for instance he asked me about a week ago, if after he was finished his game if i wanted to watch a show, of course i agreed. i waited for 3 hrs and just as i was saying good night to him he said he forgot that he said he would watch the show and we would watch one the next day.. (which never ended up happening) this is the first instance this has happened in. we barely spend any quality time together and it makes me really sad.

so i told him that i feel like maybe i should move out (i would be moving to my moms house) i am supposed to be moving in a few days but i feel like maybe i am making a mistake.. am i just giving up? we are still planning on staying together just not living together but i feel like i am letting him down. i really have no idea what to do. should i stay here , or move?

also other info: we currnetly live in a basement suit, with neighbours who our are frieinds upstairs. and the expenses for this place are pretty expensive,

Jessica said 5 years, 1 month ago:

Have you tried discussing this with him? I think you leaving should have him thinking about the choices he makes, I myself live with my boyfriend and I do the house chores also but we have a common ground. I do the dishes he puts them up I do the laundry he puts his away. He needs to understand its a team effort and equal responsibilities wont lead to either of you feeling like one or the other does all the work. it some what baffles me that he forgets to do things with you since you guys live together but i understand some guys are different. communication is very very important, if you think he’s not listening or doesn’t seem to be making an effort it may be time to go. but I don’t know the whole situation so if i’m missing some things let me know and i can give better advice

TayWorkman said 5 years, 1 month ago:

ever since i brought up the idea that i may want to move out he has changed his entire way of doing things, greatly limited the time he plays video games, he have been having more quality time ect. this makes me sad and feeling like i may be making a wrong decision.

he also said that he understands why i want to move, so its my decison. but i love him and i still want to be with him regardless if i move or not. i think that it will be hard for me to not see him everyday because i have gotten so used to that. And i fear that our communication will worsen with me not living here, because our relationship has improved so much since we started living together.

any thoughts?