Deleted User said 10 years, 1 month ago:

Being really thin and not knowing why. I eat fairly a lot, I go to the gym twice a week (I’m about to start going more soon), and yet I have really bony shoulders and thin arms and it’s quite embarrassing in front of my friends who are really muscular, so I cover up a lot when changing, I wear long sleeves etc. I’m going to try more and more to bulk up but it’s been so long I’m wondering if I’m ever going to start actually gaining weight.

ale_chan94 said 10 years ago:

My tummy ache…from halloween candy :P

Late eating is bad for you but adding halloween candy is even worse. I guess it’s binge eating to be distracted from my money/self identity problems.

Brigid said 10 years ago:

I’m kind of annoyed at my best friend. I invited her to my house and she said she was coming but she never turned up. She didn’t even text me or anything. But I’m also kind of worried.