BlahTherapy said 8 years, 9 months ago:

(Question of the Day)

For me I bury myself in my work. This allows me to focus on the issue right in front of me that I can control rather than dwelling on upsetting issues that I know I can’t. Somehow transferring all of that bad energy into creative energy actually helps me to focus more, work better, and more efficiently – which in turn makes me happy. I also like to take a break every now and then and hash out on a good PC game for an hour or so.

What are some ways you avoid dwelling on the problems in your life?

Deleted User said 8 years, 9 months ago:

It might sound a bit odd but I let myself dwell for a little while as I’ve found that avoiding things (especially problems!) never does me any good so I allow myself a short window to dwell – generally a day or two – then after that I take a step back to make sense of it. I focus on what the problem is, what caused it and any other factors that are relevant (who is involved, whether it can be resolved, my part to play in it and how it makes me feel.) I find doing that helps me to gain some perspective on whatever the problem is and it allows me to move on from it. I never used to do that though. I have an a habit of avoiding things and I would pretend everything was fine but that didn’t work for me so I had to change it. Finding myself to be much more resilient because of it. Whereas before I used to be followed by the issues for weeks now it can be a couple of days, or even within an afternoon if it’s a small issue.

Swifting said 8 years, 9 months ago:

I attempt to put it into perspective. Will it matter in 5 minutes, will it matter in 5 days, weeks, months years? When I think about it in terms of how long it will matter it makes it easier for me to get over what’s bothering me. I can develop a plan to get over it and think about why it’s bothering me more productively.

Of course I get those moments of “ahhhh embarrassment” that last for a while and there’s a chance that something bothers me longer than it should – it’s just a majority of things that this works on.

Liara said 8 years, 9 months ago:

I’ve not always been the greatest when it comes to getting stressed. I used to play MMORPG’s so I could lose myself in games and just avoid the situation – which in turn generally made it harder to deal with or just add onto a list of forever issues.
These days I tend to do similar to what’s already been stated. Taking gaming breaks, be creative via sketches or writing fanfictions. I also have a stress ball which are really under-rated in my opinion. I love mine and it helps a great deal.

Ruhoodenough said 8 years, 9 months ago:

who doesn’t over think, aha?! Music, of course for me. And especially this site. But if a computer isn’t in my reach at the point of the stress i tend to just occupy myself to where its impossible to think about it. I’m really not the one to have stress but when it does happen, that is my direction.

Nox said 8 years, 9 months ago:

Distractions. Not just those friends’ calls you get to go out in a random moment, but those you create yourself. When you focus on other things, such as painting, studying about stuff you like, watch a comedy movie, or doing any kind of things you like, makes you focus more on what you really want for yourself. Wasting time thinking on negative moments wont usually help. It’s better to think about stuff when you feel better with yourself, and that can be done doing things that you REALLY enjoy.

Also, as @swifting said, thinking about how much will it matter over sort and long periods of time makes you really wonder if it’s worth thinking it so much. Also, act. Sometimes we just overthink stuff because we’re surrounded in a circle of thoughts of “what if” and then “but if I do that, then this will happen”. We get stuck. The best thing to do is just think about the most positive outcome, and even though it could have bad things too, just start acting on it right away.

Talking to other friends (or strangers whom you can vent with in the website) could give you also other perspectives which you haven’t though of, or maybe they had a similar problem that could help you think how would you feel after you’ve made a decision.

Deleted User said 8 years, 9 months ago:

I change my mood with distractions. Sometimes I’ll throw on a feel good comedy like That 70′s Show or Friends…
I also play a lot of video games and let myself get absorbed into another reality for awhile… as long as I remember to come back to reality at some point.
Music, art, writing, going outside, friends… :)