Anne said 10 years, 6 months ago:

Cool! Lots of people have introduced themselves here. Well, is it okay if I join in?

Uhm, hi. I’m Anne (just my nickname here in this site) 16y.o F Philippines

I’m the type of person who is tries to be vocal about everything tho some things just really need to be kept inside. I have friends, they are my catharsis and they help me vent a lot. But recently, my group of friends got into loads and loads of petty misunderstandings and I found myself in this site. I will be forever indebted to this site. So I’ve been here for quite some time already too, way before the site became like this. I listen whenever I can find time to listen. I’ve been emotionally unstable and drained recently. I’m a student by day, with a mask of course. By night I’m all alone, and my thoughts keep on taunting me. And BT’s been my comfort zone to vent nowadays. Listening also makes me feel better and important in this world, so yea.

I may not be that active but I always do make sure to keep in touch with all the people I meet here. So I hope you to know and help more people in this site :)

notmuchofanything said 10 years, 6 months ago:

Hi everyone!

I’m really new on this site, literally found this two days ago by typing “someone to talk to.” Yeah, I’m super average with a painfully normal life. Maybe that’s why I get so dramatic? But anyways, I was born and raised in CA. Born in San Francisco, but now I go to college in Southern California. I’m not very good at sports, or music or even talking, but I kind of like being a derp. Oh and my name is Chelsea! Nice to meet you all! :)

Batman said 10 years, 6 months ago:

I am the night…I..AM…BATMAN!!! Just kidding. My name is Patrick, and I’ve been listening here ever since the original compassion pit site went down, but I’m just now joining the forums. Having been through my fair share of issues, I’m very empathetic and sensitive to others. I currently go to LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as a freshman. I’m huge into music and baseball. I am a huge Tampa Bay Rays fan. I’m glad I’ve finally joined. I love coming on here because I feel like I can be around people I can relate to. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Swifting said 10 years, 6 months ago:

hahhahah @Batman. Nice to meet you Patrick!

@notmuchofanything Nice to meet you Chelsea!

@Anne! Nice to meet you!

Deleted User said 10 years, 6 months ago:

Welcome you lot :)

Patrick – as always it’s nice to see a familiar face from that place. I’m pretty glad that you’re glad that you joined :)

Dinkeh said 10 years, 6 months ago:

Totally new to this site so figured this thread was the best place for me start.. My name’s Becky, i’m 20 and live in the UK.
I’m painfully shy, so much so that i’m forcing myself to type this out and actually post it. I’ve been a listener all my life, for some reason people seem to find it easy to talk to me (which i love). I’d like to think that after a while i’ll find the courage to vent, but it’s highly unlikely as i’ve never been keen on talking about myself.
Hopefully after some time i’ll be able to comment more and introduce myself a little bit, but for now i’m happy to sit back and listen to anybody who needs to be heard.

Thanks for reading, gunna retreat back to a corner now lol.. bye!