Dora said 10 years ago:

Hey everyone.

I’ve been thinking about an ex boyfriend of mine. And I’ve been thinking of writing him a letter. I don’t want to get back together with him, I just want to see how he’s doing. Problem is, he’s in prison for kinda murdering someone.

But, for some reason I’m feeling compelled to initiate contact. A girl I went to High School was murdered two weeks ago, and I’ve really been sitting here and thinking about reconnecting with people, even people who have hurt me. Because I know that I will REALLY regret it if I don’t forgive people for the bad things they’ve done for me.

Should I write him a letter? How would one go about this? I know what his number is…I think, and I know what Prison he’s in.

Just asking your opinion.

Deleted User said 10 years ago:

i say go for it. i’ve recently reached out to an old boyfriend of mine and wished him well in life. we ended on bad terms and i harbored a big, fat grudge for awhile. it’s been over four years since we were together, i’ve been with someone else for three, i’m not looking to rekindle anything; i’m just at a point in life where i’m ready to apologize for things and repair the bridges i attempted to burn. with everyone.

it’s really a process we all should go through. we owe it to ourselves. learning how to forgive and move on is a huge accomplishment! i don’t want to live with any grudges or anything that could limit the amount of happiness i feel on the daily. you shouldn’t either!

and it sounds like it might be a good time in your life to reach out to the people from your past that you feel an urge to contact. take the initiative! your brain is giving you a hint, it wants you to find that inner peace! you can get in touch with the prison and get his mailing address from them. i hope everything goes smoothly for you! :~)

Robin said 10 years ago:

if you dont then you will always wonder “what if.. “

Dora said 10 years ago:

I had another dream about him last night. I think because I kept thinking about this letter I want to write him. I was thinking about it right before I went to bed. And it was so vivid and surreal. Like my hair looked exactly like it did when we dated. My brain is trying to tell me something, I just don’t know what.


Dora said 10 years ago:

Hey ya’ll

So, last night I started on the letter. Well, a little I guess. I was like addressing the page. I was reading on the internet you want to make sure you have your address like on the letter itself and the inmate’s number and stuff. So, I was like addressing it like a formal business letter.

Anyways, just like writing addresses had me shaking. Man, I have no idea why. I was being a little obsessive yesterday about all of this. I have some random fears associated with writing this letter.

I’m afraid that people will read the letter and laugh. I’m afraid that the guards who read all the mail before it’s given to the inmates will laugh at my letter. And then when Ronnie gets it, he’ll read it and share it with his cellmates and laugh. I think I might just be crazy though.

What do you think guys?


AjaxMarie said 10 years ago:

Why do you think they will laugh?

Dora said 10 years ago:

Idk why he’d laugh. Just something I’m worried about. I hate people laughing at my expense.


Dora said 10 years ago:

I finished the letter, put it in the envelope. I addressed the envelope and put a stamp on it. Now, I just need the courage to actually send it.


Pie said 10 years ago:

Send it! Everyone likes letters and I’m know he’d love to hear from you.

Vickie said 10 years ago:

Just do it! It’s a letter. Just put it in the mailbox and let it go. That’s all you can do. You clearly want to send this letter so leave it at the post office and let it fly. Unless you placed crack powder on the inside lid of the envelope, you aren’t going to jail lol. And if guards see it and laugh, you won’t know they did…so just mail it.

Dora said 10 years ago:

Okay. I just gave the letter to the mailman. All we can do is hope and pray that it gets there. And that maybe he’ll write me back. EEP I’m so scared.


SamBurke said 10 years ago:

Hey, Dora, just wanted to step in really quick and say this:

it’s worth it. The peace of mind is totally worth the pain that could happen. Forgiving your Ex is gonna be a moment you look back on, and don’t regret.

Dora said 10 years ago:

I’m kinda sort of afraid that like, they’ll take the envelope and he’ll literally have no idea who is writing the letter until he gets to the end where I signed my name. I honestly didn’t think about it until I handed it to the mailman that I didn’t start out with “Hey, it’s Dora we dated in 2007.”

It was a less than amicable breakup. Basically, he tried to break my arm to get a bracelet I had away from me. A friend of mine had given it to me, and he assumed I was sleeping with the friend. He pulled my arm up behind my back and was tugging as hard as he could. I could feel my shoulder starting to pop so I bit him and he let go of me. It was super awk.


OneDayAtATime said 10 years ago:

I’m glad you wrote and sent the letter. Your peace of mind is so much more important than your fears of sending the letter. I hope that you reach a sense of calm, knowing that you’ve forgiven him.

Dora said 10 years ago:

I mean, he’ll probably feel very fondly when he receives my letter. If he wasn’t that giant of a man slut, I was probably one of the last women he slept with before he went to prison. And I heard from this guy I knew who he had a conversation with, that I had a banging body and that I was good at the hot secks.

That’s super awkward trying to explain it to you guys.