Amelia said 9 years, 2 months ago:

I’ve been thinking recently, and I’ve decided that it really improves my mood to just come up with things that make me happy. Quite a few people in today’s society see no reason to live, or very few reasons, but if you really think about it there are tons of things in the world that you like to do, like to see, or just plain make you happy. SO, I’d like to challenge anyone who’s reading this to come up with just 20 things that make you happy. You can post it here or keep it to yourself, but at least try it; it may just improve my mood.
Mine are:
Getting hugs from people who love me, eating gooey brownies, seeing old couples holding hands or taking walks together, getting compliments, giving compliments, seeing genuine smiles, wearing baggy sweatshirts, cuddling puppies or kittens, watching little kids play, listening to a song I really like, sleeping in on Saturday mornings, sitting on the beach by myself, making other people happy, making friends, band tees, family reunions, writing, taking a professional-looking picture, learning new things, and having endless fits of laughter.
Your turn! :}

Love-and-be-loved said 9 years, 2 months ago:

20 things i like
1. eating ice cream
2. beating my high score on subway surfers
3. watching old movies with my brother
4. not pretending to be someone else
5. being geuinly happy
6. having a real convo with my dad
7. sleeping all day
8. locking my self in my room
9. people who care
10. making new friends
11. forgetting about my family
12. people who dont lie
13. talking with people
14. laughing nonstop
15. drinking milk shakes
16. making random foods
17. having time to think
18. climbing trees
19. making noise
20. being alone

notmuchofanything said 9 years, 2 months ago:

This is seriously one of the cutest ideas ever :D

Um I guess this would be mine:
1. comfy sweatpants
2. any ice cream flavor with chocolate in it
3. tumblr
4. having really deep talks late at night
5. feeling really close to someone
6. getting complimented or thanked
7. having the house to myself so I can do my awkward dances
8. singing
9. writing stories
10. cuddling
11. finding people’s weak spots and poking them there :3
12. when people surprise me
13. getting a job/awesome position
15. leaning on someone’s shoulder
16. non-awkward silences with someone
17. watching funny movies
18. building forts
19. whales
20. having a great day!

BubbleGun said 9 years, 2 months ago:

My humble 20 :)

1. Animals. Fuzz Therapy anyone?
2. Playing old video games.
3. Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
4. 80′s Cartoons. Hell yeah!
5. Space documentaries! (Please tell me there’s someone here who loves these as much as I do.)
6. Watching old horror movies with your best friend.
7. That new song you love so much comes on TV
8. Boys’ butts in jeans, shorts, nothing…(looks off into the distance):D
9. People who play music.
10. A good book.
11. Watching TV with your siblings (more people need to stop taking this for granted. Just laying there, watching documentaries or just about anything with your sister or brother. Maybe it seems ordinary at the moment, but when you can’t have it, you’ll miss it one day.)
12. The beach.
13. Beer. (slow nodding)
14. Laughing until you snort or cry…or both.
15. Old comic books. The dated pages, the old smell and the nostalgia of having read it when you were younger.
16. Knowing that you can sleep as much as you like the next day. (And staying up feeling great)
17. Trying something new with your hair and it works! (If it doesn’t we might need a whole new separate list for that)
18. Getting answers for game show questions on TV right and going yessss to yourself
19. People who can draw awesome things (and make you go “hey, maybe I should start drawing again, but you never do)
20. A hug from my mom. And staying there.

Nettles44 said 9 years, 2 months ago:

1. good books
2. musicals
3. listening to music
4. hanging out with my sister
5. hugs
6. having lunch with my mom
7. a shopping spree at goodwill
8. used bookstores
9. knowing the answers to jeopardy questions
10. sleep
11. food – all the food!
12. being alone
13. spending the afternoon with friends
14. starbucks
15. nature documetaries
16. intelligent films
17. nerdfighteria
18. sunset
19. taking long walks just for the hell of it
20. getting that perfect shot with my camera

Swifting said 9 years, 2 months ago:

Here are my 20 reasons that I get out of bed in the morning.

1. My Husband.
2. My Brother In Laws and Sister In Laws (the only family I have)
3. Pets! Especially my dog Shep.
4. A great cup of perfectly brewed coffee
5. Sex.
6. Television Series and Movies.
7. Shoes and Clothing (I’m a fashionista at heart)
8. The smell of farm in early spring.
9. Having fun playing with nieces and nephews.
10. Getting ready to have my own kid someday. Adoption :)
11. An awesome ride with the hubby on the bike or horses
12. Dancing alone in the apartment to rock and not caring at all.
13. Cuddling
14. Long massages
15. Hot showers so hot they make you glad you can get out into the cold.
16. Cosmopolitan Magazine.
17. Steal boned corsets
18. Hitting the Snooze one more time
19. A wedding.
20. A really good bowl of fresh salad.

Ruhoodenough said 9 years, 2 months ago:

1. Oboe ( My dog )
2. Oboe
3. Oboe
4. Oboe
5. Oboe
6. Oboe
7. Oboe
8. Oboe
9. Oboe
10. Oboe
11. Oboe
12. Oboe
13. Oboe
14. Oboe
15. Oboe
16. Oboe
17. Oboe
18. Oboe
19. Oboe
20. &&& OBOE.
And honestly when she dies, i may consider killing myself.

moonshine said 9 years, 2 months ago:

I could probably use this to buck myself up…

1. My brother
2. Good books
3. The strange friendship between my brother’s tiny, fussy cat and our neighbor’s huge, dopey dog
4. My neighbor’s flower boxes
5. Good music
6. The banana bread my co-worker sometimes brings us
7. My best friend
8. My brother singing off-key in the shower every morning at the absolute top of his lungs
9. Hazelnut flavored coffee
10. My car
11. Kind strangers
12. The fact that I’m going to graduate in 3 months, and get out of this town
13. My complete weirdo/genius of a science teacher
14. Getting good grades back at school
15. Sherlock Holmes
16. Over the top 70s classic rock
17. Those rare moments when I actually learn something on the history channel
18. Ravioli
19. The library
20. When my brother laughs so hard his whole body gets involved

Swifting said 9 years, 2 months ago:

I forgot PIE! Oh my goodness. Swap out Salad for Pie.

Amelia said 9 years, 2 months ago:

These are all really cute! It’s making me happy just to read them. Keep them coming! :D

Deleted User said 9 years, 2 months ago:

N’aw, reading all of these things is giving me a serious case of the fuzzies :3 So cute all of you ^_^ *huggles @amelia* Fabulous idea! It’s nice to think of all the little things sometimes, they all add up :) Here’s 20 things from the top of my head in no particular order:

1. Baking with a new recipe and it tasting delicious (and baking in general really.)
2. Cooking a meal from scratch (either for myself or for others) and it tasting delicious.
3. Late night conversations and staying up just to talk to that one person.
4. Cute conversations that fill me with the fuzzies, make me laugh and just make me feel really cheery inside.
5. Innuendos and hilariously suggestive banter.
6. Being able to be completely myself with someone, as it’s rare.
7. The beginning of a new friendship – seeing the connection grow just fills me up with a major case of smiles.
8. My hamster Fang (he’s grey and brown :3)- he’s the fluffiest little furball <3
9. My puppy Bella (she's a springer spaniel poodle cross) – everything about her from the way she goes mental when she greets you at the door, all her little quirks and her personality, she's a cheeky little madam! Love her hugs <3
10. Only ever with that one special person (non-existent at the minute mind you) but cuddles and hugs and snuggles and just being close to them.
11. Train journeys
12. Going home after being away for a while, that sight as I cross the bridge coming in to the station and as I get off on the platform knowing I'm almost home.
13. Going to see my favourite bands and artists at a show, McFly in particular never fail to put a smile on my face.
14. Walks along the river and by the beach. The smell of sea air, just sitting there watching the world and listening to the water.
15. Taking a photograph, or writing a piece of poetry or writing that I'm genuinely happy with.
16. When I've been debugging code and I finally get it to do what I wanted it to do two hours ago.
17. Making people feel good about themselves, and having them listen to me even if I'm being bluntly honest.
18. Seeing their name pop up when they come online.
19. Browsing tumblr and pinterest.
20. A good snuggle under the covers, a good old duvet day.

I can think of more but I'd be here a while :3

tiffyxo said 9 years, 2 months ago:

Oh this is cute :D

1. Tickling my boyfriend until he makes really funny laughy noises :’)
2. Our hamster, Twiglet :)
3. Juicy Couture perfumes
4. Sleeping and waking up feeling all snuggly
5. Cuddling dogs
6. Waking up NOT coughing or with a blocked nose and thinking ‘I’M NOT ILL’ :P
7. Pretty sunsets
8. Cinnamon whirls because cinnamon
9. Teapig teas
10. Finding clothes that my body isn’t too long for ;__;
11. Stupidly tacky shoes that I’ll never buy but drool at still
12. Really heavy rain
13. Looking after my boyfriend when he’s upset or ill
14. Cooking :3
15. HAPPY HIPPOS. <– omg why didn't I put this first.
16. Lindt by Lindor chocolates, omg.
17. Shakeaway milkshakes
18. Feeling all clean after a shower
19. Knowing I've managed to get through another day
20. Really derpy jokes that only my boyfriend, my friend James and my friend Emma will actually find funny, whereas everyone else just bypasses the group of weird kids :)

Ruhoodenough said 9 years, 2 months ago:

Okay i’m going to be serious with this, this time a round.
1. Oboe. Yes i know, my dog. But after 10 years of being with her, its hard to think life with out her. Sure she doesn’t really talk, but i don’t care. I talk to her all the time.
2. When i take a perfect shot with my really crappy phone. Then edit it. Oh my it makes me feel like there is actually beauty out there, in this world of hate.
3. When i make a point clearly. And it makes me sound very intelligent. Like i’m all knowing and i see the far view and close up of every situation. And when people see it, too.
4. Long phone calls with that guy i once knew. We’d just talk and talk and it would go on for hours. About anything, anywhere. It was amazing, and i really miss it.
5. When i hug Uncle Frank. He is so cuddly. So sweet. He’s not my uncle but my bestfriends, but that doesn’t stop me. If i had to pick someone to hug for the rest of my life, totally be him.
6. When my mom was actually sober. That was like disneyland for me. She wouldn’t say much, and i never knew what she was thinking, but she was real on those few nights. And i would use that time to smother her with my I Love You’s.
7. When i would go swimming with my sister. My sister was always a bitch, but when we would go swimming she was so nice. We just played and had fun in the pool. It was great.
8. Nice days. Oh man these past 3 days have been very beautiful. Sure a little heat, but when i open my blinds and open the windows the sun shines throughout the whole house. And i turn on the radio. Its very comforting.
9. Old book stores. There is one that i love soooo much ! Its in Redondoe beach and when i stay there some days during the summer. I always go to this great hipster coffee/ used book store. They have smooth jazz bands playing. And really comfy chairs and couches. Great books. Amazing coffee. Its like my dream life.
10. Dancing hasn’t always been a hobby. Trust me, until i turned 12, i had no rhythm. then idk, all of a sudden i had this urge at a dance. And i just made that dancefloor mine. People were watching. Then i realized what was happening. And ever since then if the music is on, i’m popping.
11. Singing with my music. Only when my earphones are on and i can’t hear my voice though. That way no matter how loud i am, my terrible voice doesn’t exist. It actually relieves my stress. Kinda irritates my dad, but idgaf.
12. When i pull down the window driving in the car and put my hand out and hits all the speeding wind. I pretend its a dolphin.
13. Going out to eat at different resturants and eating something random . Makes me feel alive.
14. when lyrics make sense. And i connect to them, its bliss.
15. Being in my room, on my bed, drinking chamomile tea, and surfing the internet. all safe and cozy in pajamas.
16. When i’d get straight A’s on my report cards, it would make my mom feel so accomplished. So i always tried my best, just to see her happy.
17. Shopping! Oh god i love shopping. Its like the number one best feeling ever. When i look good in clothes i feel my best. I try to go as much as possible. Its addicting.
18. Partying with cool people. When we all are chilling, laughing. That is a wonderful experience. Sometimes they’ll have that pipe out and we’d just laugh at everything.
19. Being with my best-friend. She’s just genuine. Sweetest, coolest, free lanced person i know. She’s always been there for me. through everything. We’ve been through so much together and she just makes it all worth it.
20. Cooking something unique, and it just comes out great. Like pie. i love baking pie. It makes me feel like i’m independent. Like i’m capable of anything.

So yeah, that is all (:

Deleted User said 9 years, 2 months ago:

In no particular order:

1. Cookie dough. Mmmm…
2. Making people laugh
3. A good book
4. Dancing, when nobody can see me. If people can see me, I get really self-concious. But dancing alone is really fun and kind of wierdly liberating.
5. Singing, when nobody can hear me. (See number 4)
6. Good grades
7. Staring into my own eyes in the mirror. I’ve always had a strange attraction to eyes. I don’t know why, they just mystify me.
8. Frosting
9. Inside jokes with my friends
10. Fire. I promise I’m not a pyromaniac, but fire is really cool.
11. Science/math jokes
12. Finishing a Sudoku or crossword puzzle
13. Thinking of a really good comeback. (doesn’t happen much)
14. Photography/using photoshop. I almost go into a trance.
15. Compliments
16. Bacon
17. Small rodents
18. Traveling by train.
19. Laughing and not bieng able to stop.
20. Gum

Chwati:) said 9 years, 2 months ago:


1. ICE CREAM! <3
2. Attention from my best friend
3. Rain, rain clouds and thunder
4. Early mornings when I'm not sleepy
5. Helping and actually being useful
6. Some shows on T.V.
7. Music, depending on my mood
8. Singing
9. My brother
10. A new and good hair do.
11. Doing absolutely nothing
12. Little kids
13. Real compliments
14. Showers
15. Acting stupid with someone
16. Having a cheerful aimless conversation
17. Sharing the same opinion with someone
18. Making new and genuine friends
19. Listening to someone playing an instrument in front of me
20. Plants
<3 :)