NervousPanic said 8 years, 1 month ago:

I was born a girl so I have longer hair. I’m kind of afraid to cut it because it’s really (and I do mean really) curly. I straighten it a lot but it’s not an everyday thing. Is there a certain hairstyle that I could try out?

Jennifer Lynn said 8 years ago:

My hair has a natural wave to it but I can’t get it to grow past my shoulders and it always looks strange grown out since I lack the knowledge on proper female hairstyles for medium to long hair lengths. I prefer to keep my hair short so it’s more manageable and also can serve me whether I feel more male oriented or female oriented. right now I have an asymmetrical pixie cut that is cute and spunky and works for both. I can leave the longer side wavy or I can straighten it and since it’s just one swath then straightening it takes just seconds and doesn’t become a daunting task lol The back spikes up if I am going for fem or I leave it flat if for a more boyish look. I’ve maintained short unisex styles such as this for 6+ years and it serves me well. Something to consider. look up pics on google: asymmetrical pixie and see if it is something that interests you :)