Mars said 7 years ago:

I’m the kind of person who tends to accumulate tons of games (usually in summer nowadays because of Steam, aaa!) at once when I don’t have time to play them. So, I play through about 1/3 of each game before moving up to the next one, creating years of gaming backlog, since I go back and beat everything when I have time.

I’m currently playing Dragon Age: Origins for the first time! It’s really amazing. I’m also replaying Fire Emblem: Awakenings’s lunatic mode, Trine 2, and Final Fantasy I right now.

(◣_◢)Poet said 7 years ago:

My 360 is sort of collecting dust at the moment, but when i do turn it on, i’m ususally playing Gears of War Judgement, NBA 2K13, or Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Mars said 7 years ago:

@poet I’ve always wondered how the Marvel vs. Capcom games compare to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! People keep telling me that I’d like MvC better, so I’m assuming that there’s less focus on combos, haha.

(◣_◢)Poet said 7 years ago:

If you ever played Street Fighter 2 or games like King of Fighters, its like those only amped up with the special attacks. MK games do have their unique signature, but if you like fighting games in general, MvC2 is a must play. I wasn’t really feeling the latest MvC3 game.

Marvel vs Capcom is a classic.

Loris said 7 years ago:

I’m playing dragon age 2 :D you should try it after you’re done with the first one!

Mars said 7 years ago:

@poet I’m not huge on fighting games; I’ve only played Street Fighter 2 & 4, the Soul Caliber games, and some Mortal Kombat (and Smash Bros, if that even counts!). I love Street Fighter 2, though! I’ll have to try MvC2 when I’m in the mood for another fighting game.

@loris Nice! I’ve heard that people don’t like Dragon Age 2 as much as Origins, but it still looks pretty amazing to me.

Dani. said 7 years ago:

I’m currently playing Dead Island. I’ve beaten it loads of times. I’m just leveling up my character and getting all of their skills and I’m also creating weapons. I really want to play Dead Island: Riptide but I heard it was a disaster.

Lee said 7 years ago:

i’m currently playing xcom: enemy unknown

(◣_◢)Poet said 7 years ago:

@mars, yeah, SFII is classic. You would probably like MvC2 if you like SFII.

FlowerInTheThorns said 7 years ago:

I have a load of emulators on my phone, so I have a good few old games on my phone now! But apart from that… I get addicted to MGS games and….minecraft.

Swifting said 7 years ago:

I play Tetris on my phone…

Jemima P. Raine said 7 years ago:

Iron man 3 on I-pad.

AngelM said 7 years ago:

Chrono Trigger on a Super Nintendo emulator, due to a challenge from a madman who dared to disrespect Breath of Fire.

Deleted User said 7 years ago:

Fallout: New vegas, just picked up the game of the year edition. Ill probably be locked in my room for awhile.
@AngelM Chrono Trigger is an amazing game, but so is any of the Breath of Fire games.

AngelM said 7 years ago:

@Left4Better you are awesome!! XD Nobody I know seems to even know of BoF, and they’re some of my old time favourites!