Mars said 9 years, 8 months ago:

- Hotline Miami (BTA)
- Proteus (BTA)
- Little Inferno
- Awesomenauts + DLC skin
- Capsized
- Thomas Was Alone
- Dear Esther

I would highly recommend this bundle! It includes a lot of “artsy experience” untraditional games: Dear Esther, Proteus, and Little Inferno. If you’ve never played a game like that, this is probably the cheapest way for you to try some out.

I played through Little Inferno in one sitting, and it was an amazing game. Whatever you do, don’t look up anything about it; it wouldn’t be so fun if you had the premise spoiled for you.

I had Dear Esther and Capsized before this, and they’re both great games. Dear Esther freaks me out for some reason, but has an awesome story with a beautiful environment. Capsized is a really fun 2-D platformer.