butteredtoast said 9 years, 1 month ago:

I just started an entry level job with a company as a care coordinator and I’m so nervous. I work with children and adolescents. I have zero experience prior to this job just a degree in psych and some volunteer experience working at an inpatient unit for adolescents.

I am taking over for my coworker who is leaving and am getting a bunch of her families. I am also getting some new families to work with as well. After friday I am on my own completely. I am so scared.

I have no idea what I’m doing. I ask questions constantly at work and I feel so dumb. I am trying so hard to stay organized and up to date with everything going on in all the families but I’m so nervous and anxious that I’m going to mess up or forget something important or just completely screw up.

I have to run family meetings and team meetings and I’m so nervous bc idk what to talk about or how to do it. I’ve seen my coworkers do it with such ease but when I try it or think about it I freeze and stutter and forget everything I was talking about. I get so nervous and then I start stuttering and it’s just a huge mess.

It’s so so so bad and I want to do well at this job I do really like it and it is definitely something I want to do with my career but I’m just so nervous and scared.

I’m trying to make an appointment with my therapist but it’s been a while since I’ve gone and therefore when I tried to make an appointment I had to sign up as a new patient and then they weren’t taking new patients but the person I talked to said they would check with my therapist to see if they would still see me.

I hate talking on the phone and that is majority of my job and scheduling meetings with families. I really really need to see my doctor about this I’m having trouble sleeping at night and I should’ve done this months ago but I’m so lazy and procrastinate so much.

I’m sorry this was so long and all over the place I’m just so nervous and worried and I definitely need to be back on my add meds fer sure as well as seeing a therapist for my anxiety. I’m just so tired all the time and I just want to do well and not be so worried and scared and flustured.

Tess226 said 9 years, 1 month ago:

dont be so hard on yourself. you are taking on a lot of new responsibilities. No one expects you to be perfect–except maybe you. do you?
this was posted three weeks ago. How have you been since?

speedmunk said 9 years ago:

I’m not a care coordinator, but I am a special education teacher for children with autism. I remember feeling so nervous and scared on my first day at work as an intern with Norway’s autism clinic at http://tipo.no . The pressure also seemed heavier because I was working alongside several researchers who made helping children with autism pretty much their entirely life. I still don’t know how they make it so easy, but I was able to conquer my fears at work by talking regularly to the organization’s guidance counselor and by socializing, as much as I could, with my fellow interns. Next to your therapist, there’s so much help and advice you can get from your co-workers, and I would advise you to stay in contact with your company’s guidance counselor or with your therapist, as you’ve said. Good luck to you on this journey!

butteredtoast said 8 years, 7 months ago:

I forgot about this post it’s been six months! Thank you for taking the time to reply and your kind words! I started seeing a therapist in August which has helped tremendously. My work anxiety is still high and I’m possibly going on meds within the next month if my doctor can give me a prescription. Working in this field is so stressful and I get so much anxiety when my phone rings and when I have to make a home visit! It’s gotten a lot better though I’m in a place where I can talk with my coworkers to vent and I realize in not the only one who feels like this sometimes. It’s a work in progress but it slowly getting more manageable.