Se said 9 years ago:

Hi there. I am on crutches and cannot do any exercise that relates to using your legs. So can anyone tell me any exercises I can do for my stomach, to keep exercising without the use of my legs at all. I need to get that figure ive dreamt of but cannot do it while on crutches until December, and I don’t want to wait that long. Can anyone give me exercises that don’t use your legs?

rinseandrep said 9 years ago:

I think your whole torso and arms will get a daily workout from going around with the crutches.

Daniel said 9 years ago:

dont just focus on your stomach, you can still work your arms (bicep, tricep, forearms, shoulders) your back(traps, lats, lower back) and shoulders, there is a lot of things you can do. Maybe check out

Unlikeany said 9 years ago:

Look into Pilates, there are modified versions. You can build core strength that way, but I agree with daniel don’t forget your upper body.