(◣_◢)Poet said 5 years ago:

I don’t care how macho i can be or how usually nothing phases me…but if i watch either “Little DJ” or “Bridge To Terabithia” i will cry like a little sissy boy. I highly recommend both films, especially “Little DJ” since its foreign and you may not have seen it, but look for it, as its great.

But i just can’t control it. I’ve seen each film many times and the same damn scenes get me every single time.

Jackie said 5 years ago:

“Are you blind? Its a lonely tear drop!”
I cry during every movie with anything relatively emotional in it. I swear, I’m cursed.

(◣_◢)Poet said 5 years ago:

Hahaha @jxmaniac, Johnny boy has come so far. that dude has done just about every type of role there is.

AjaxMarie said 5 years ago:

Homeward Bound. When sassy is taken downstream. I’m a mess.

Deleted User said 5 years ago:

@ajaxmarie omg, that movie makes me LOSE it every time. But not that part, though. It’s when Shadow FINALLY comes home and the look on Peter’s face… ugh! I’m tearing up just thinking about that.

The Shawshank Redemption makes me lose it, especially the part with Brooks. It’s a great movie, but I have a hard time sitting through it. Even the music makes me tear up.

LondonChaplin said 5 years ago:

Brokeback Mountain always makes me cry until I can’t catch my breath. Even just hearing the soundtrack makes my eyes water. Such an amazing and beautiful movie.

Deleted User said 5 years ago:

I never had a movie to put forward for this until just last week, when I watched a movie called ‘Now is Good’ (released Sept 2012) and I just weeped like a bairn. It’s a british movie, and it’s… well, actually, I think it’s best not to read what it’s about before you watch it. It’s an adaptation of a book called Before I Die by Jenny Downham, so if you like to read it’s probably worth reading that first. But yeah. Without saying too much it’s brilliantly done, and it really struck a chord with me. Not to mention the music complements it perfectly.

Brittbutterfly21 said 5 years ago:

A walk to remember, toy story 3 was like saying goodbye to my childhood. Up destroyed me.

Love-and-be-loved said 5 years ago:

Marley and me had me compleatly in tears. And I have to agree with bridge to terribithia. I had to read the book firs for achool and wrote an essay about how she shiuldnt have died . I got an F on it but oh well. And yeah like the last thirty minutes of the movie I was crying

TurtleGirl20 said 5 years ago:

I try to avoid any movies that will make me cry! Lol : )

Deleted User said 5 years ago:

ha i’m such a crier at films.. but the worst is probably the notebook.. i don’t care if it’s not a great film by critic’s standards, every time i watch it i spend the last half an hour in floods; full on sobbing mess :P

Brittbutterfly21 said 5 years ago:

I watched marly and me once…never watching it again

Ashley said 5 years ago:

Because of winne Dixie! Hmm Jack Frost too. Can’t remember the others right now :/

Brittbutterfly21 said 5 years ago:

The notebook

Nipsy_ said 4 years, 7 months ago:

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas makes me cry every time I see it, without fail.