violet said 6 years ago:

I’m sooo darn excited! I want Brazil to win( Brazil Forevah’), but can they beat Germany today? Will Argentina beat Netherlands? Who’s gonna play in the finals? Millions of questions…no anwer…. atleast not until July 13th. Loolz
So who are YOU cheering for? ;)


DJ Not Nice said 6 years ago:

Oranje ;)

violet said 6 years ago:


Nevermind, I was ‘always’ for Germany………

Dustin DeWind said 6 years ago:

Oeh… the Brazilian game against Germany was just hard to watch, expected Germany to win but like this? Man thats just humiliating. But in the end there will be one winner and that will be:


Deleted User said 6 years ago:

GERMANY!!!!!! They are going to win.

Deleted User said 6 years ago:

As a brazilian, was the greatest sorrow and disappointment in my whole footballing life. The greatest failure of the entire history of the biggest winner in the World Cup, playing within your country, is not less, even without being convincing in any matches. The whole country is sad.
But as a fan, I am even more impressed with Germany and your game system. Are fantastic and overwhelming. Really deserve to win this World Cup!

lostaady said 6 years ago:

Argentina will have to win the World Cup if Messi is to establish himself as one of the all time greats.

MrJackson said 6 years ago:

Germany to become the first European conquerors of the World Cup on South American soil for me.

Far too much attacking class for my liking, with a solid back line right through to Manuel Neuer who is easily the best goalkeeper in the world. They are ruthless and proved so last night that they will crush any defence showing even slight weaknesses. Although Brazil were terrible, you have to applaud the Germans.

Argentina or the Netherlands won’t have enough to contain them I don’t think, nonetheless the Germans will need to be tight as they are guaranteed to be up against either the likes of Messi or Robben in the big final. The Germans are easily the most rounded, together side in the tournament and I think they fully deserve the award.

violet said 6 years ago:

“Argentina vs Netherlands” ………*yawwwwwn* :O

MrJackson said 6 years ago:

Penalties written all over it from the start. Hardly any chances at either end.

Deleted User said 6 years ago:

I was jumping up and down when Argentina won!! Mental and monetary boost for me:)
Hate it or love it, the underdog’s on top!!
Those germs going to get wiped clean!!

Augustine said 6 years ago:


violet said 6 years ago:

Netherlands might’ve had a chance against Germany……..not soo sure about Argentina……:| xD

Ayms said 6 years ago:

Still with my prediction since the beginning


Messi, to me is the best player in the world. He really wants it & that’s what Germany should fear. Argentina wants it too much.

violet said 6 years ago:

Well, I think Netherlands will get the third place today…… Cause without Neymar …….Brazil might as well mess up again……But I’ll still cheer for Brazil :D