Atlas said 6 years, 3 months ago:

I recently just told one of my teachers about my battle with depression and anxiety, and it seemed like the whole time I was telling her, she seemed to either not be interested or didn’t believe me. It’s gotten to the point now that when I go to ask her for help with the work, she seems hesitant to talk to me.

Has anyone else dealt with similar situations, feel free to share!

littlewhittle said 6 years, 3 months ago:

Likewise, I spoke to one of my teachers a while back, and she just didn’t seem to be listening to me. In the end I just made up that I needed to be somewhere and left, but one thing I think that I needed to understand was that she didn’t understand. She wasn’t familiar with depression or anxiety, she didn’t know how to reply or answer helpfully. I ended up apologising to her for making her uncomfortable and she apologised back and offered for me to try and explain again, which I politely declined.

On thing that I am struggling with is that neither one of my parents seem to believe me when I try and explain to them how I feel. I do try and speak to them normally, but more times than not I end up crying and panicking. I don’t know if they don’t believe me or just don’t know what to do.