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From the most part there are more negatives to positives when it comes to ideas about condoms. The most obvious positive is that it protects against pregnancy and mildly against STD/STI’s. The negative list is about as long as it is wide.

But, for the remainder of this post I’m going to try my best to go ahead and help debunk some condoms conundrum.

First condom issue: The Goldilox Syndrome…

Yes it can be too big, too small, and just right. As we’d like to believe in the United States all men are created equal… however; that does not mean they’re all the same. Condoms aren’t all the same for this reason. Condoms come in various shapes and sizes to help make each male fit the condom.

A condom that is too big will often slide off when in motion. A condom that is too small will often burst during ejaculation. As awkward as it sounds the best way to avoid these issues is to simply pull it out and measure.

Here’s a couple quick charts to reference sizes:



Remember there is no shame in size – however; it’s awfully difficult to explain an unwanted pregnancy or STD/STI.

Second condom issue: Snooze Fest…

There is a large hassle in stopping coitus and putting a condom on. There is little you can avoid to do that. HOWEVER there is a new way to look at it. By taking the time to stop and put on a condom the play stops – it gives you a chance to calm down – and tease an orgasm. Yes, you can actually make an orgasm stronger by delaying it.

Other option incudes any number of fun choices: condoms comes in all different shapes and sizes that can create pleasure for both partners. They also come with special lubricants that can create different sensations.

Third condom issue: Shame of buying them…

You heard me ladies and gentlemen – purchasers of condoms sometimes feel shameful for their purchase. They feel anything from the fact that the cashier cares that they’re having sex to being judged that they have to wear them. However there are a ton of online retailers that are out there that ship unmarked boxes of condoms to your house.

Fourth condom issue: Materialistic

Ok that was just a bad play on word.

There are a number of issues regarding what condoms are made out of. There are latex allergies and environmental worries.

Vegan friendly condoms (and information about them):


Natural Lambskin condoms (and information about them):


Latex Free condoms:


(Please note that these sites also offer places to order condoms and ship them to the door – so there are no awkward moments)

Any other questions or concerns I missed here? Let me know.

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