Analyst said 8 years, 4 months ago:

Okay, so I used to be anorexic, the starving type, when I was 12-16, I was brought back to health when I went into care and finally I got over what starting me starving myself in the first place.

I wasn’t physically anorexic anymore, but it my mind, anorexia was always talking to me. I’m quite tall, 5ft8″, so my normal healthy height weight is something like 91/2-10stone, or so I’m told. Which basically means that at a size 8-10, I’m slim. Any time I felt my jeans a little tight anorexia, or annie, as I shortened it to, would start talking to me, telling me I was gaining too much weight, that I couldn’t put on any more.

I tried so hard to ignore it and for a long time I succeeded, even with the trials and tribulations that tested me in my life at that time and still test me today.

But now I am terrified that it has started to take over. I’ve lost interest in food, find myself not being hungry when I know I should eat, standing up to feel light headed a lot because I haven’t eaten, and when I try to eat, the food doesn’t taste like anything, it tastes strange and unlike it should. I try to eat it but half way I just spit it back out again.

I’m getting sick because my immune system is shot, I don’t know what to do about it. I need some help with this matter.

XxLionRagexX said 8 years, 4 months ago:

As I was reading I said in my mind to take some pills or something, get your head in order. I shot that thought down, thats what people reccommend, but its a horrible idea. If youre having trouble even tasting the food, I dont think its Annie talking. But spitting it right back out, Ive never heard anyone doing that. Its okay to not be picture-perfect skinny. Im definetly not, Im a little chubby. Its okay to be different.

I have a friend that I hated in high school because she was so skinny, she was popular, the cheerleader. Who didnt like her? She told me about her being Anorexic, and I was the only one who knew. She almost had the same exact symtoms as you. You know how she took care of it? Instead of not eating she went to the gym. Every morning at 5am she’d call and ask if I’d like to come. Soon, we had a whole workout group.

I guess what Im trying to say is to eat. Eat what you can, but dont throw it back up. Head to the gym or go on a run. Trust me, pills dont work as much as moving your body.

Analyst said 6 years, 10 months ago:

Thank you:) I did what yo suggested and I’ve been going to the gym now for a year, I feel great. I’m eating so much better, and healthy food too. I still have some health problems but they are improving:)

Your advice helped me a lot