Squidfase said 7 years, 8 months ago:

Wish to mourn the lose of a loved one due to addiction?

How about warning the people around you about the effects of death caused by addiction?

What’s is like post death, for your family, or friends?

Has someone disconnected themselves from you because of drugs? Emotional death can be just as bad as physical death.

Deleted User said 7 years, 6 months ago:

Well, I lost no loved ones, but a buddy of mine to the so-called ‘magical mushrooms’.

But don’t let the name deceive you, there is nothing magical about them mushrooms let me tell you.

Now, before it all started, me and my buddy, let’s call him Bob, used to hang around, drink beers together, we went hunting and fishing, but then he got his hands on the drug, and after his first time, I noticed he started changing.

At first Bob gave up smoking, that should’ve been the first alarming sign. But I guess we’ve been so pussified by the liberals in the past decade that nowadays it seems normal when a person suddenly gives up on his constitutional right to smoke. Throw away more of your basic freedoms why don’t you! That’s what they want!

Anyways, after giving up smoking, next thing he did, Bob stopped drinking. Needless to say, hanging around him started being a real bummer, cause I felt like an alkie drinking alone. So I had to find myself some new drinking buddies at work.

After that Bob gave up on eating meat, and said he’ll be no longer hunting, and sold his guns, because, as he put it, “killing living things was wrong”. At this point I wouldn’t go with him near those woods anyways, fearing he might do something queerosexual to me in the tent, like those cowboys in that movie.

Now instead of hanging out with the guys he’s doing yoga and shit, and drinks herb tea. He quit his job at the factory and now works at school library, like a lady.

And that’s how I lost my friend to the drugs.

Stick with harmless alcohol and tobacco, people. At least they don’t change you to worse.

Gary said 7 years, 1 month ago:

Yeah death due to drug addiction has been steadily increasing nowadays. You will go through certain stages of grief if you lose your loved one due to addiction. May be it will take more time but it is important to be patient with yourself that time. Drug addiction is a topic which need to be discussed widely, there are may treatments including acupuncture treatment http://www.physionow.ca/services/acupuncture/ which can save a person from drug addiction. If you came know that your closed one is having an addiction, try your best to get him out of it.

Sly S. Ly said 7 years, 1 month ago:

“Stick with harmless alcohol ”

I really hope that was a joke, that is the most horrible advice I’ve ever read. Alcohol and tobacco, believe it or not are way more addicting then even heroin. Alcohol isn’t, right off the bat (neither is heroin), but once you cross the line into physical dependence, alcohol is more dangerous. You can die trying to quit drinking, you won’t die quitting heroin (though you’ll want to). I rather deal with a dopesick junkie, then a crazed, alcoholic drunk any night of the week.

Drugs don’t change the person, it’s society’s out look on it on it that causes that. Most people with drug addictions don’t/can’t seek help. Most of the “treatment centers” are really just private jails that offer an awesome 5-10% success rate.

You do know that addiction sucess is like less then 10%? Even the top treatment centers barely get that high of sucess rate. The odds are stacked against us, so most people forgo help, and just live quietly in their addiction for years. It is only when something sad happens in their life where they lose control of stuff and people see their addiction.

In my case, I wrecked my car, and 10+ years of addiction was exposed to my family. It was the best thing in the end, despite fights, what-have-you at first. Understanding eventually came out of it.

I’ll never be 100% sober, there’s no point in “counting the clean days”. However, my attitude on drugs has changed, it isn’t something I use daily, or make a career out of. It’s more or less a bi-monthly urge now, an itch I take care of

Sadly, I know that this will probably continue, but I pray I won’t dive into full-blown dependence again. All my friends now are non-H users, and are surprised when they hear I use every now and then, and have been for a decade now.

All my old “friends” that used, they’re gone, dead or in prison because they bet on 00 too many times. See, I don’t play roulette, then you’ll never leave the “casino”. what I do is akin to the “nickel slots” every other week.