Ravenel said 8 years, 8 months ago:

I really don’t know what to do anymore. For years I feel like I’ve been slowly torn apart and most of my thoughts are no longer rational. I’ve been trying to get help, I see a therapist once a week and a psychiatrist once every four months. This is the seventh therapist I’ve been through since third grade. I’m a freshman in high school and exams are coming up and I’ve missed a lot of school mostly due to my depression. It seems like things have just been getting worse, everyone is telling me it will get better, but I have been waiting for so long to be happy. Believe me when I say that I try to think positive, I hang out with friends more, I try my best in school, I talk to my mom. My friends don’t really understand because they never had to worry about the things I do. I get no emotional support from my family. My dad is gone. My mom is struggling and I feel like no matter how hard I try things just end up going to shit. I’m sorry if this is a bit much, but I just need someone. I need someone to tell me that It’s going to be okay.

Cailin M said 8 years, 8 months ago:

its not going to get better if you keep waiting. waiting for depression to end won’t do anything. it is going to be okay, if you take initiative.

robkabob said 8 years, 8 months ago:

Hey Ravenel, the answer to your question is unique to you. One thing is for sure is that you might not see the edge of the woods until you’re there. You’re doing the right things by trying to live life normally and getting help. I agree with Cailin M that you have a greater chance of getting better sooner if you do what you can. The only problem with that is that you are doing things by seeing medical professionals, socializing with friends and family even when they don’t understand how you feel. As far as myself, I’ve had Depression for around 5 years and it gets better sometimes however it also gets worse sometimes. What has helped me the most is reading books about depression ranging from topics like medication to the actual biology of depression in the brain. The reason it’s helped me is that I feel like I understand a little more about what’s happening to me so it’s less confusing and sometimes easier to deal with, but not always. Also, try to learn about medications you might be taking and their positive and negative effects. All of this might sound kind of overwhelming as you’re working in high school right now too. I just want to sort of quote something that was told to me that has helped me: “Fix what you can, and even if those are small victories be grateful for them.” Even if I told you things would get better, or be okay, depression is a master of convincing you of the opposite, so I think you and I just have to try to do the best we can to live life and we’re going to have bad days but there are people who have found their way out of the woods so it doesn’t seem probable but it’s possible. Hopefully as an added support, you can message me for any reason whether you just want to get something out or if you have a question we can figure it out :)

Akasha said 8 years, 8 months ago:

I have to salute you for putting forth the effort to try to improve your life. Too many in similar situations want change, but they aren’t willing to take any action to bring about that change. You at least try to think positive, hang out with your friends, and try your best in school. I don’t know if you are taking any medication for your depression, but some drugs can actually increase the severity of depression.

As far as depression goes, I’ve been there. Severely depressed, I never thought it would get better, or even actually end. And if anyone had told me that I’d one day not only be happy, but enjoy helping others, I’d say they were absolutely crazy. So I know it does get better. I’m proof of it. There is no magic pill to take, and you won’t get through it in one day, or one week. It is a process. It takes time. But with your desire for change, your willingness to take action, and your persistence to stick with it, it will happen. It does get better. Feel free to message me if you need to talk.